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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wren's 8th Birthday, Party at School

I can't believe she's 8! 
 They've been home almost 3 years now.  The time has flown by...........and crept.......depending on the day and it's challenges.  We are so thankful for this smart, beautiful, loving, fun little girl.  She's a fighter, a lover of life, and a very opinionated little person.  
For her party at school, I took pigs in a blanket, nacho cheese and Ice cream cups from D.Q. with caramel and chocolate toppings.  I think it went over really well!


Getting ready to help pass out the treats.




 Her wonderful teachers, Mrs. Kay on the left, and Ms. Jones behind her.

 Her big sisters both came too.  Kyndahl and Brentley (who was eyeing the icecream) and Ella.

 Hey, can a guy get a bite around here??

 She didn't give him a bite, but she did lean in close enough for a picture with him.

 This is her whole class, minus 2 kiddos that were sick.

 Singing Happy Birthday to her.

 More pictures of the sisters...........and that baby......he is so scrumptious!

And this creepy critter was hanging out in the back of the room.  Ella actually sat right behind it with her plate, all but touching the thing! I wouldn't have been able to eat a bite.  Makes me shiver.

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