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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Warm Days in January

The girls were playing outside, peacefully, happily, being princesses or something...........


 not sure what the cape is about.....

 Then all of a sudden, out of armed bandit attacked their castle, tied them up....
  ......amidst much shrieking and protest.

Then I find random assortments of things collected.  It's all mostly know, food related......except for the socks and the motorcycle?? Although I don't understand the need to save your dilly bar wrapper!

 Sunday was a lovely warm day so it called for a WALK!  Troy was busy doing other things, and the boys declined, as they thought dirt bike riding seemed more it was just Me and the girls.


The sky was amazing!

 A frog on a log?

 Trying to make a heart worked..sort of.

 Oh yes she did!

 Bits of nature.

 I thought they looked like a couple of little Indians out on the prairie.

 Running down a hill is always better if you scream while doing it!

 Headed back to the car.  They were a little leery of the big black dog that joined us.  He was the property owners' dog, and quite friendly, but he was big.  Do you see him way up in front?

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