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Sunday, January 4, 2015

A little ditty....about an itty bitty.....preachers table

My mother bought the old preachers table when their district built a new church.  It is now functioning as her dining room table....MUCH to my father, and all the son-in-laws disgust.  They saw no problem with the old table and chairs that to them were much more comfortable.......although to the women, MUCH less charming.  It is always commented on at length during any meal together at it.  It started innocently enough with a comment from Mike....." I just want to apologize ahead of time if I kick anyone under the table" some strange minds.....that's all it took......a song was born.  Sung to the tune of "The itsy bitsy spider"  We bring you,
   Ode to the Preachers Table

The itsy bitsy preachers table is so very small.

Grandpa adds the extension, and his backs against the wall.

Grandma's house is tiny so the table fits just right.
But upon the comfort of the men, It's caused a terrible blight.

The kids sit in the kitchen, there is no room for more.
The men complain about the chairs, their feet braced on the floor.

Poor Grandma serves both tables, while Grandpa fills her plate.
A cold meal while the others finish, seems to be her fate.

Opinions on the table are never held inside.
 The same complaints are made each year, and threaten to divide.

Elbow to Elbow and knee to knee, we are a cozy bunch.
But even crowded quarters, does not keep us from our lunch!

We love each other dearly, though in taste we disagree.  
Some don't see the charm, in sitting knee to knee.

The comfort of the men, we freely sacrifice.
Because every woman knows, that beauty has it's price.

Written in collaboration, by Gwen and Judy.......with much hysterical laughing. Christmas, 2014

For those of you who don't know us.....I apologize for the craziness :)  For those of you who do, or have eaten at this charming table.....I hope you enjoyed it. 


  1. I know you ALL well.....and I LOVED it !!!!!

  2. Beautiful! The table, song and the family! Happy New Year to one and all!

  3. Enjoyed this! The only thing that would have been better?....a video of this family singing this! :)