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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Back Tracking

This post is going back a little, but I like to get all the pictures loaded, and write about what is going on in each one so I don't forget.  This is kind of my online journal, so feel free to follow along or skip as you please.

This is the kind of strange pictures I find on my camera when they stay with their big brothers.  Plastic bag tunics.......??

The first snow of the season!  They played outside for a long time!

Then back in for some hot chocolate.
 Good to the last drop :)

The boys' friend Caleb has some tall boots to fill!  They came clear up to Iley's crotch.

 If I turn my back for 5 minutes.......they have half of their toys outside.

I asked Iley..."who are you?"  She says, "I'm the bad guy!"  ........of course, I should have known that.......must have been the pink Hello Kitty purse that threw me off....or maybe the pink hair dryer?

 Enjoying time with the uncles :)

Pat a Cake.

Then there was a troll invasion.........Grandma was protecting the little people.

 To say they love Grandma would be a huge understatement!

 A minor cooking mishap?

 I think caramel corn and puppy chow was in the makings here.

 The girls were invited to their annual Christmas tea!  They were so excited!

 Iley must have gotten a little bored with the conversation......I heard her say "Mom, can you help me please?"

The mad tie-er has struck again.

 Feeling crumby!!  The puke bowl makes a great hat while not in use though.

 Someone's taking a picture.....count me in!

 House pass the time.

Dinner Table conversation:  Harrison asks me....Mom, So if nobody's perfect, but God never makes does that work? 

Then he says Eve should NOT have eaten the apple!  I said Adam should have killed the snake!  He says "he was probably off hunting" I said '"no he wasn't he was standing right beside her, and ate the apple too!  He should have been the leader and not a follower"  He says well that wouldn't have happened to me, I wouldn't have been anywhere near a snake.

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