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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween and Birthdays.

I should probably do 2 separate posts........but that might never here is another conglomerated one.

First up.......Halloween......they got off the bus this way after their Halloween Party at school.  I can't even imagine getting all those kids into their costumes!!  The teachers deserve a medal of some kind!

 Wren instantly saw and decided on her dress.  Iley couldn't make up her mind.  This was the 2nd, one she saw.....liked it.......changed her mind, and picked one Sherman thought was he picks this one out again and shows her, and convinces her that it's a different one, and it's her favorite she buys into it and gets it!  It was hilarious.    It cracks me up how concerned they are with their little sisters outfits!!  They want them to look cute.  Sherman does NOT like Iley's new glasses either.  He is VERY opinionated.

Just because they both had plaid on :)   and they're both so cute :)

Love this little family!  So bummed it's a little blurry :(

Kyndahls Mom is here to visit :)  Had to get one with Gram in the picture too.

 Auntie El, and the little man.

 I think he's saying....."hey I need a cousin before too long ya know"......."are you listening to me?"

The Birthday Boys.  25 and 23!  Where has the time gone??  Our first babies.........Love em so much!

 Thatcher, quit talking and smile! 
 Mr. Ike, was here for their birthday lunch.  Fish tacos, fresh salsa, and mexican rice. With a Strawberry cream cheese dessert.

 Then for supper we had a bunch of their friends over.  This gang used to hang out at our house until all hours of the morning!!  Lots of laughs.

Now they are grown up.....married.....and have kids of their own.

 These two did more laughing than eating!

 You know how you always do extra cleaning when you know you are having company over........well we did lots of cleaning this past week, because it was way past time!  Iley asked several times, WHY are we cleaning???  So I told her we wanted the house to be nice and clean cause it looks nicer that way cause we were having company.  The girls were outside when the company arrived, and stayed out with this little blondie playing for a while.  When they came in, I heard Iley say "Come in! It's clean!  AND I made my bed."  Ha hahaahahaha!  I'm sure 3 yr old Candice was properly impressed!

Iley came down yesterday morning and announced " I had a dream"  not Martin Luther type by the way........"I dreamed there was a big elephant, it got out of the fence and tried to eat the people"  with MANY other  details that I am pretty sure got embellished in the telling!  But this is the first time she has remembered and  retold a dream.

Wren is seeming to over hear much more conversation, and saying more words.  Her speech is getting clearer too.  Thank you Lord for  progress.  Please continue to pray for Hearing and understanding for this precious girl.

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  1. I love the boys in plaid! So cute! As always your blog makes me want to come on over and join the fun, walk or whatever!

    Thanks for sharing!