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Monday, November 10, 2014

Castle Rock adventures

We will get to Castle Rock.....but for a brief detour, here is a few pictures from last week.  And just warning......there are like 66 pictures :( 

Wren waiting on the school bus.  That thing sticking out of her book bag.....a guitar, she took it for sharing. Remember the rock band video? .......and.......  Lets just hope they didn't perform this at school!

 Today before church, just a couple of snaps.

In the afternoon we went to Castle Rock and climbed around on the bluffs.

We even took the dogs this time. Tito, the little white dog, stayed with us the whole time.  Tonka, was too chicken to come down some of the slopes.

Yes, seriously!  These girls have come so far!!

These amazing rock formations are out in the middle of the prairie.

Hurry up Iley!!

We looked up and saw this coming through the rocks.  Pretty cool.

Tom, sweet boy, took both of the girls a ride.

Looks like the wild west huh! :)  We actually we were pretty close to 'horse thief canyon'  It's called that because the horse smugglers used to hide horses there.

That is "the castle"  out in the distance.  It used to be much bigger.  Wind and water have worn it down.

This is where we were climbing.  We went down closer to the castle and took this shot back the other way.

I snapped this picture of Wren, and then told her "get away from that edge!!!  It was a lot further down than it looks in this picture.  Gave me the shivers!

Then the cowboys came charging up the slope again.

It was getting dark here.  The girls were playing at the base of the castle.

Big sis carefully helping Iley down the slope......she did NOT need help, but she played along.  They were being super chummy all of a sudden.