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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Time to Catch up

Or......time to clear the pictures off my camera........sorry, there's a lot.

This was last Saturday.  We had taken the boys to Hays with us and left Wren and Iley home with Thatcher and Kyndahl.  Then the next night, Troy and I were planning on going on a date.......without any of the kids.  We knew the girls were NOT going to think this was fair at all!  So, Troy took them on a "date" for breakfast Saturday morning.  Iley says "whats a date? you're always saying date."  I told her it was when two or more people that like each other get together, or go some where together.  She says "Now it's our turn to go on a date, cause you guys always go on a date."  

And of course Dad needed a hat too.

 Then this little scrumdillyicious morsel came to see us........oh yeah......I think one of his slaves may have come along too.

 Can you say kiss me please!!!  We are hopeless!  He has very willing slaves!

 "Hey Unc, could you move over closer to the table?  There's something I need to get over there"

While we were chatting with Ella..... her and Ash happened to drop in too.........THIS was going on at the table!!!  Can you say NO, NO, NO.......we don't write on ourselves!!  What a bad influence!

 I'm not sure who was having more fun here.  He built a tower, and they would slide the blocks into it and crash it.

 Some one else thought it looked like fun too! They weren't too excited to see the interference coming.

"Mom......Why are you taking my picture?"

 Jump to the next weekend........Headed to Kansas City for cardiologist, and ophthalmologist appointments.  Wren was sniffing the flower on Iley's head band.  She sniffs everything!

THANK goodness for the ipad!  Makes a 5 hour drive much more endurable!

Both girls are great swimmers, but their styles are totally different! This is Wren, very graceful and free flowing.

 And Iley........quick frog like movements.

You would think they would have had enough TV after 5 hours of cartoons in the car.

 And more TV, back in the room waiting for their eyes to dilate.

 They thought these crazy glasses were hilarious!

 Checking out this funny looking contraption.

 Iley has to have stronger glasses, they are now -10.5, and -9.50!!!! YIKES!   Wren has to patch her left eye again to strengthen her right one.  2 hours a day for 6 weeks....ugh!!  But her prescription hasn't changed much.  Iley's cardiology appointment went great.  She's doing great, and the doc took her off of the vein expander.  She is now on just one baby aspirin a day.  Woo Hoo!!

 Waiting on the bus.

 Harrison is driving now!!!!!  He has no problem with that........Mom........worries.... a bit!

 Have I bragged on this sweet boy lately?  He gets up early enough every morning to help get breakfast for the girls.  He fixes their eggs while I do their hair!  Harrison is great help with them too....just not in the morning......he is too busy doing his own hair, and bathing in applying cologne.   They don't get much time in the spot light, but they are very present behind the scenes, and much appreciated!  They're both such great kids! I love em to pieces.

 This seems safe.

Sherman made their play dough for them too!  And he made 3 loaves of home made bread tonight! He loves to watch Restaurant Impossible, and Kitchen Nightmares, and Cake Boss, and Chopped.  Along with playing football, and riding dirt bikes :)


  1. I just love your updates and reading about your kids from the oldest to youngest! The girls are always so cute and your grandson…precious! Thanks for taking the time to blog!

  2. Well, Sherman is welcome at my house anytime he needs more bread or playdough to make :)

  3. Harrison driving??? Can hardley believe it! Cute pics of all. Thanks