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Monday, October 27, 2014

Make up and Eye patches

Both girls love watching me apply my make up.  Sometimes I have to run them out because I can't even move.  This is Wren's interpretation of applying mascara.  Iley is always a willing accomplice.

And.........they still think it's hilarious when they fall through the door.

 Wren has to eye patch again....2hrs every day for 6 weeks.  I was telling Ash how horrible it was to have your eye patched.  He thought he'd try it out for himself.  With a few added embellishments.  He lasted about a 1/2hr. and couldn't take it anymore.  His unpatched eye was hurting, and the patched eye was itching.  He definitely has more sympathy for her now!

 I'm not sure why she thought his other eye and mouth needed covered??

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  1. How sweet that Ash gave the patch a try! Kendall was thrilled when she didn't have to patch any longer. She uses the remaining patches as bandaids!

    So is Wren your girly,girl?