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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brentley loved standing at the edge of the tub, watching the girls get their hair washed.
I had to keep him clamped between me and the tub so he didn't fall over........all while trying to hit a constantly moving target Wren's head with a cup full of water.

He sat here the whole time the girls were in the tub, just watching them and happily chewing on a plastic spoon.

I'm continually amazed at the girls' progress!  2-1/2 years ago they could barely stay standing up on the tramp.  They couldn't sit down and stand back up again.  Their coordination just wasn't there.  Now Wren is trying to do flips, and Iley can jump up and touch her toes.

This boy doesn't take any chances on you missing his mouth! So funny!

Wren's new glasses.  Poor dear didn't get much choice.  Her little face, while it doesn't look that wide......really is.  These are mens glasses!  The womens styles we tried that were wide enough, were made for big women, and the centers of the glass were just too far apart.  That coupled with the fact that we needed thin earpieces so we can attach her processors, cut our choices down to about 3 pairs :(   Her hair is getting SO long!  It is so THICK and beautiful when it's freshly washed and combed.......but that lasts about 2 hours max.......if she's sitting in church....... then it's a giant tangled mess that involves MUCH wailing, and MANY tears, and looks that would cut you DEAD while trying to comb it.  So most of the time it's up in pony tails or braids. 

And Iley's new glasses......she was adamant that these were the ones she wanted!

Sunday afternoon was gorgeous, so we headed out for a walk.

This guy LOVES to be outside!

He started out this way, but wasn't happy, cause he couldn't see anything.

Hey, what's going on back there??  I think I'm missing out on all the action!

Iley did NOT like all the bugs.  They were out in full force.  Grass hoppers, box elder bugs, gnats, mosquitoes..........she was not impressed.  We made her tough it out, but she wasn't thrilled about it.

Some of our gorgeous fall views while walking.

Sheep, down in a valley.

Poor baby, it's a shame nobody loves him. :)

                                                       Everyone ducking under the fence.

Iley was totally lacking confidence that Dad was going to keep that sticky fence up high enough.

The bugs didn't bother this girl at all!  She found a big walking stick (which we all had to duck several times when it was wielded like a bat) and a feather.......she was happy happy happy.

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