Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just a few snaps

Some cheesy before school pictures........snapped very quickly before the bus pulled up.

I told them to act like they like each other.............ok.........I'll hug Iley's head........??

 You can only fake it so long ya know.

I don't think he's too sure about his drivers.  

 "Nanna.......are you SURE this is safe??"

speaking of safe........I'm pretty sure this is NOT safe.

Tito, the little dog under the car, is the only safe one here.

Oh, lets teach the child who can't balance on a bicycle yet to ride the rip stick......good luck with that!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brentley's First Sleepover

Brentley stayed all night for the first time on Friday night.  He slept all night, and woke up happy.  Saturday morning he was entertained by the antics of his aunties.

He loved the table top view!  

 Sunday lunch we had our regular lunch bunch.  Ash and Ella, and Thatcher and Kyndahl are BOTH moving to new houses!  Ella and Ash have been painting at theirs, and Kyn and Thatch are almost moved in.

Never far away.

My decorating changes without one sees it happen........ this could be a "find the one that doesn't belong"  kind of scene.  

The pumpkin evidently needed to be in the the candle then needed a new candle holder.


Wren brought me just the propeller, and was distressed because the stick for it was missing.  I told her I didn't know where it was...sorry.  A couple of minutes later she brought me the tape and a pencil.  She had summed up the situation, and solved the problem.

More Sunday lunch pictures that got out of order.

Has anyone seen my mother???

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sorry it's been so long......we've been busy.  I'm working 2 days a week at Dairy Queen, and subbing at the school off and on....and loving on this little man.....besides the normal laundry, feeding the masses, and trying to keep up the house for decency's sake.......maybe we need to just shoot decency! Problem solved. Ha ha.

Hanging out.

 Pretending to be dogs.

Ready to go for a walk.

 We made the big ones come too.

 A cool evening view.

 A couple of quick snaps before the bus came.

Sherman made these beauties, called Bee Hives, all by himself.  He's becoming quite the cook.  Pie dough wrapped around the peaches, then when they're done you take out the seed and fill it with some amazing goo.... called hard sauce.  Delish!

 We attempted to take a walk......Wren, Iley, myself, and baby Brentlely.  We came across a dead rabbit the dogs had left so nicely in the drive.  They were torn between horror and fascination..... and gagging.

 These two were running out ahead..........

 While this one bumped along in front of me....seriously hindering my picture taking.....but giving me a delicious kissing target.  We had to head back before we'd hardly got started cause the mosquitoes were trying to eat us alive.  The girls were so bummed.  They've both asked all summer to walk.  It's been too hot....and now when it's cool enough.....we have the little blood suckers to deal with.

The girls are both loving school, and doing well.  They have a long way to go to catch up.....but not as far as it could be.  Their teachers say they are both so smart, just have so much language delay.  They feel like in time they will both catch up to where their peers are.  I'm so proud of these little fighters.  I'm privileged......even on the really hard days.......(talking to myself here) be their mother.  Privileged to have a front row seat to God's redemptive plan.  They are precious, brave, smart, funny, creative, annoying, naughty, loving, adorable, repulsive, irresistable........all in the same day......sometimes in the same 5 minutes......but always always SO WORTH IT!!!  and SO LOVED!!!  .........and SO going to bed at 8:30 :)