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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Appendicitis....and a trip to Ohio

In the middle of the night, Ms. Clevelle turned on the light, and said, something is not right!  And to the scene of the disaster, Ms. Clevelle ran fast and faster.   The doctor dialed, dan ton ten six....nurse he said... it's an appendix......  Well something like that.  It WAS kind of the middle of the night....1:30 ish......a gassy bloating that had been bugging me for the past two weeks, relocated itself into one extremely painful spot.......Quiz here......which side is your appendix on???  The Right side.  I googled it.......what did we do before google??......I had every single symptom of appendicitis.  I called the nurse, she said get to the hospital now.  Soooo Long story short, I don't have to ever worry about my appendix bothering me again.  This little detour in our plans, delayed our Ohio departure by a week.  The boys kept asking me "Mom, are you feeling better?"  It would be nice to think they were concerned about my health....well I guess they were,  in the sense that it effected the departure to Ohio.  So less than a week from surgery, slightly hazy from pain killers, I managed to pack us up (only forgetting the girls' tooth brushes, and swim suits...maybe I should try the painkillers every time I pack!) for a week in Ohio.  Promising the doctor...and my father....that I would stop and walk no less than every 2 hours.

The boys were very glad to see their cousins.  The girls were thrilled to see Grandma and Grandpa...... mostly Grandma.  Sorry Dad, but you are not a devoted enough slave.  Grandma on the other hand.......lets just say it's a good thing we left after a week.... before they were completely converted back to complete helplessness, and had completely forgotten the meaning of the word NO.

Grandma, and Cousin Fran, cleaned out the "play house", It was the garden shed in my day.  The girls loved it.  They made a "salad" from flour petals, hydrangea leaves, green beans that they delightedly cut up with their play knives, and other random gathered items.

Wren is holding the stick that they have to use to turn on the light.  It's too high for them to reach.  I'm not sure Iley ever got a turn.  It's a good thing she's easy going. Cause Wren definitely runs the show!

 The "Salad"

 The beloved Grandmother.  Iley got all weepy about 10 miles from their house on the way home.  She sobbed out "I miss my Grandma!"  I miss my mama too I told her! I said "it's a long way to Grandma's house from our house.  It will be dark again before we get home."  She says "It's too long, lets go back." 

The Wreath Aunt Gwen made them from the vines outside the door.

 The charming "play house"  

 It even has loft beds.

 and a cute little bakers rack for all their dishes.

Their table set with salad and drinks.  This was the 2nd day.....I think Wren added some dirt to the salad....extra fiber maybe?

The poor denuded hydrangea bush outside the door.  It gave generously to the salad greens.

Fine ladies in their heels.

 The entire contents of the playhouse was packed up and moved to different locations several times.

 They even got to visit Aunt Linda, who lives just down the lane from Grandma.  She has a charming log cabin playhouse.  My cousin and her girls were visiting with some little girls they babysit for.  They were playing restaurant.  We had to bring our pennies and come through the "drive up window"

 It even has an upstairs with a balcony, and a curly slide for a quick exit.

 Fancy dresses make everything more fun.

Iley was trying to figure out how to navigate the stairs in her finery (well except the shoes).  

 Leanna came to her rescue.

 I did a terrible job of taking pictures on this trip.  That's a lot of pictures of the same subject, sorry.  We skip from the trip home. 
This was seriously cracking me up!  Boredom overtook the back seat.......and a beauty shop was born.  With some very patient brothers as their clients.  Welcome to the Hello Kitty Salon!

Meet the stylists....Wren, with Harrison as her client.

...and Iley, with Sherman in her chair. The consensus was that Wren was a gentler hair dresser.  Iley dug her fingernails in.

 They were caped, and combed, and scrubbed, and clipped.  I saw a screw driver, a flip flop, a phone charger, and several other items used in the grooming. The girls DO have their seatbelts on here for anyone concerned.  They just took off their shoulder straps for better mobility.

Time for a buzz with the  Phone charger Clippers.

 Now it's time to blow dry and style.  This girl does NOT lack imagination, she even made sure to plug it in!
We were quite entertained with Sherman's salon gossip too!  "OH my word, did you hear about sarah?  She broke up with Bill!"  "And so and so cheated on so and so, and Kate is dating John now".........or something to this effect.  

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