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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School Fest, and Sherman's Belated 13th BirthdayI

Poor Sherman didn't get much recognition on his birthday, as it happens that was the day I went into surgery for an appendectomy.  More on Him later.
Back to school fest is put on by the town for the kids each year.  This is the girls' 3rd back to school fest!  Hard to believe.  The first one they had only been home for 3 months.  They stuck close by us, checking constantly to see where we were.  The second year, they would play on the attractions as long as we were near.  This year, they ran up to their friends, and went off without a backwards glance, only checking in with us when they were hungry!  Praise God for bonding, and progress. 

Wren was hugging the wonderful lady that taught us sign language, for free, just because she is passionate about people.  She also subs as an interpreter for Wren at school.

 That's Wren underwater, and Iley with her back to us.

Enduring the obligatory 15 minute break.  They don't understand at all why life guards would need a break?

 Another break......sitting with friends this time.

 This sweet girl spent half of the day packing them both around in the deep end of the pool.

 Cousin Grace was there too.  Quite smug that it was 'just' siblings.

 One of Sherman's friends going off the high dive.
 and another one......

 Resting at one of the breaks.  But as soon as that whistle blew, she was up like a shot.

 Helping sis out of the me, sis does NOT need help.

 Wren in her usual free style jumping........

 ......and Iley......stiff as a board!  But boy can they swim!  They jump off and swim underwater to the edge.  Wren especially is a fish!  She can swim on her back, side, underwater......and switches it up to get clear across the pool.  I wish there was a swim team in town!

 Sunday morning......being so chummy at breakfast that they bungeed (spell check doesn't think that is a word) their cups together.  Silly girls.

This gorgeous couple, and dapper little dude came over.

 In the afternoon, a blanket fort was erected in the living room...........

Dad was lured...begged.....nearly drug.....inside....where he was held captive by two ruthless jailers.

I think you caught a fish.

Dad....still captive in the fort.....was joined by another hostage.

We celebrated Sherman's Birthday Sunday evening.  He invited 2 of his life long friends over.....and ordered brats, cole slaw, nachos, watermelon, grapes, and apple pie and home made ice cream for supper.  He combined everyone's contributions for a tool box, and tools.

Have I mentioned I have gorgeous daughter in laws? (and sons too!)


 The kitchen crew.....they are always happy to sit here by themselves.

From the left.....Gordon, Caleb, Sherman, Harrison.  They are...from the left..14,14, 13, 15.
 Happy Birthday Sherman!!  We love you so much, and are thankful everyday that God chose us to be your parents.....sorry about YOUR luck ;)  You are sweet, kind, helpful, funny, and very much loved!

They were standing on the table, looking at themselves in the mirror.....being silly.

Because waiting on the bus is soooo boring.

Friday, August 22, 2014

1st Day of School 2014

Last year, 2013...... first day of school.

 This year,2014.......first day of school.

 Last year, 2013........

 This year, 2014......

Waiting for the bus.

 Tired of waiting for the bus........

 2 were excited about school starting......2 were NOT.

 Later in the day, this little squeezy came to see me.

Apparently, cookies taste better upside down?