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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Conclusion of Wren's 3 week therapy session and pictures of the Baby

I will get to the therapy........but here is some therapy for your eyes..........but then again, maybe we are just partial.

I know, I know......I'm such a grandma :)

Now more on Wren.......Some one asked me if we got a good report......the answer is Yes.....and No.  Yes because they were very pleased with her progress, and we have a game plan to move forward.  They remapped her processor to give her better sound and to stop the twitching in her face when the device made connection when putting it on.  Her whole right side would give a creepy involuntary twitch.  Weird.  The bad news is .......the twitch is a problem.  They remapped it so it stopped......BUT........the INTERNAL device is faulty, and has to be replaced.  Which means another surgery.  Thankfully she will still have hearing on one side while the other side heals.  It happens very rarely............why us??  Who knows.  

For anyone interested in what "therapy" consisted of here is a description.  She worked with 2 different therapists. Allison on Monday and Tuesday in CO springs, who focused mainly on her listening,  and Kerry one Wed.- Friday in Denver who worked mainly on her articulation with a lot of listening skills thrown in too.  Listening is definitely easier for her than speaking at this point.

Allison took pictures of Wren doing different activities like opening a bottle of milk and juice, pouring the milk and juice, drinking the milk and juice, and smelling it, and then big cup and little cup.  She then laid the pictures out in front of Wren of her doing each activity, and said "open juice"  or smell milk, or pour milk/juice etc.  By the last day of the week Wren was getting them all.  The trick was for her to not only listen for the noun Juice/milk......but also the command, or verb.  The next week was another set of word combinations.  Again she could get them all by the end of the week. Same the third week.  They did other vocabulary words too.

Kerry worked on the same things, but made her say each command. "open milk"  Pour Juice"  etc.  She also had several doll house, dad, dog, cat, chair, table, book, and a hat.   Then she would say "give me mom"  give me book"  etc.  Then she moved to "Put the hat on the bed"  put dad on the chair"  etc.  Then she would walk the dog to the chair and Wren had to say "dog walk chair".  or "dad on chair", or "mom on bed",(a funny side note on this..she always put "mom" on the side of the bed that I sleep on!  If Kerry put me on the wrong side Wren would correct her!) "book on table."    Then Kerry would say "make mom fall down"  and wren had to listen to the whole command and follow instructions.  She did really well by the end.  Now the trick is to get her to understand the same commands in a different context.  So we will continue to work on all of these skills at home.

Kerry also worked on understanding On or Under.......and where, and who.  These are simple language concepts, but crucial to her base understanding.  she would put the dog under the table and ask.  where is the dog?  Wren had to say "under table"  or when asked, "who is in the chair" say... "dad in  chair"  Because even if she can memorize sight words, if she doesn't understand what is going on, reading is meaningless.   If I signed/spoke to her saying "The cat jumped on the box of books"  she might be able to read all of those words, but if I asked her "who jumped on the box?"  she couldn't tell me.  Or if I asked her "what was in the box?"  again, she couldn't tell me.  Every single thing she understands has to be very intentionally taught to her. She doesn't hear or understand "conversational/caught language, all the words normal hearing kids pick up just by overhearing conversation" The Mountain ahead of us seems impossible, and insurmountable.  I have to NOT look at the Mountain, and move on rock at a time......and TRUST God to move the mountain that I can NOT.  I confess to feelings of panic.......especially when I take my eyes off of the creator of this little girl.  When I forget the miracles that have already been done in her, and on her behalf. 

So say a prayer for both of us if you think of us...........and wish us luck :)  She does NOT enjoy doing therapy, and resists.......which makes the rock moving even harder.......and requires MUCH attitude adjustment........and many tears of frustration on both our parts.  


  1. I really hate when I type a comment and then touch the wrong part of the screen and it goes away! Grr. Anyway, I still can't believe you don't have therapy available to you at home! Why doesn't the hospital where she was implanted provide it?? Also, I wanted to tell you that just because she can't answer wh- questions, it doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't comprehend. Answering questions is a hard skill for deaf kiddos in general. James has a very hard time turning information around to answer a question, even if I prompt him. For example, we were Are You My Mother the other day, and I said several times, the baby bird is in the tree. But when I asked where the baby bird was, he couldn't tell me. I know he understood, but he can't answer questions. On occasion he'll surprise me, but not often. I know it's so frustrating, but at least it's normal! Keep practicing and she will get it. Maybe not tomorrow or next week, but she will!! Just try to keep in mind her language age, not her actual age. Read a lot of books, sing a lot of songs, play a lot of games. And it stinks she has to have her internal replaced. I've seen a lot of kids have that for one reason or other in the fb groups I'm in. James has to have palate surgery soon because he can't produce very many sounds. It wouldn't ever have been an issue if he didn't get CIs, it doesn't affect anything else.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I so appreciate hearing from others on this journey!