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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ordinary Life, and Visitors

Saturday morning breakfast.  Drinking their Isogenix, protein shakes while waiting on their eggs.  The girls and I all have one every morning for, because I really like them...they, because I insist.  Iley plopped in the comfy chair(can you say cat), and Wren sized up the situation, and moved a "table" over, brought her's and Iley's drinks, and set up camp. I about have to nail the furniture down to keep her from moving it around to suit her pretend play of the moment.

 It looks like they are toasting, but I think they were comparing how much they had left.

We were blessed by a visit from some dear friends from Colorado on Saturday for lunch!  They stopped by on their way through from visiting family in Chicago.  The girls had so much fun playing with their kids, and Troy and I thoroughly enjoyed some adult conversation!  Thanks Steve and Christy for adding us to your itinerary!!

From left to right....Wren, age 7...Kate age 8...Iley age 7...Noah age 5...Jonathan  age 6.  They're all standing on the same step.  Iley is a shrimp!

What a bunch of cuties!

 Iley insisted on wearing this hat all day.

Kate supplied the girls with stickers......Wren wrapped them around all her fingers?

 This cool dude showed up later in the afternoon :)  He looks like he's strapped in and ready for take off.

We all decided to check out the new Mexican restaurant in the neighboring town.  Kyndahl looks like she's're going to eat WHAT?  And Iley....STILL has the hat on.

Sweet cheeks just slept through it all......whew!  His mommy actually got to eat in peace!

 Then he woke up and Nana Jo got him :)  Isn't he the cutest thing ever!! 

 And his sweet slaves :)

The girls brought legos to play with.......cause "it's gonna be long"

 And Ike....I should post a picture from a year ago........maybe I will........hang on........

.....if you read this Ike.....I just couldn't resist :)  We love this sweet boy, no matter what hairstyle he has......which is a good thing.....cause it changes regularly!

Uncle Harrison....kissing that baby again.  He stole him from me!

 The girls got these kites from Kyn and Thatch at Iley's birthday party.  We put them up and forgot about them......then they found them and have been begging to fly them.  We finally got around to it today.

 Wren's kite went right up and stayed up.  Iley's kite kept listing off to one side and nose diving.  She was quite upset! "Wren's kite is better?"  No, yours just isn't working right, we'll fix it we told her. "We need to take it to the hospital and fix it!" Cause surely if they can fix her heart, they can fix her kite!........after a little tweaking......we got it to work better. 

I have to go potty mom! (of course she does!)

 Wren really got into it for a while, and was pretty good at it.....then she got bored and handed it over to dad.......after all.......she couldn't tie the string to anything........although she did try tying the kite tails around her waist on the way back to the house.

Iley LOVES watermelon!  We had some for lunch, and she had already had 2 big pieces.  She asked if she could have more, and I said "sure, if there's any left"  She checked and said "YES, there are 2 pieces left!  Can I have the big piece or the little piece?"  I said "which ever one you want"  so I hear her in the kitchen saying in a pleased little sing songy voice say "then I'm gonna eat the big one" 

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