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Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Before you start....warning.....picture overload!

We started the weekend off on Friday with a garage sale.  Let me just say that I am not a fan.  Garage sales are a LOT of work.  But I had a lot of stuff that needed to be purged from my house.  3 Large 30 gallon garbage bags, of clothes the girls had outgrown.  Iley started out in 2T pants, and is now wearing 5T's.  Wren started in 4T dresses, and is now wearing 7/8's.  They have grown SO much!!  I sold all but about 25 pieces. Woo Hoo!  I donated the leftovers to a local charity thrift shop.  

Our clothes line struggled.  It got lower and lower as the day went on!

 Wren was bored and watching the garage sale across the street.

 The girls were only there in the afternoon.  I left them in bed, and Sherman fed them breakfast and entertained them for the morning.  Then we ran to D.Q. for lunch.  It got windy in the afternoon :(

 Wren had the phone tied up.......

 This shoe string has been tied just a few times!

Happy Father's Day!  Sherman thought of, bought, and gave this to Troy with his own money.

Look at Sherm in this one.....he's watching to see Troy's reaction. "will he like it?"

 He did!!  It's a grill stone and a big pizza scooper.

You talking to me?

 We were going to grill pizza for lunch.....but it takes a while, and we decided we didn't want to eat at 2:30, so ran to Subway for lunch.

Harrison and Drew, Ella's cousin, then Ash and El.

Sherman is SO excited to have his cousin Teague visiting!!

 Iley and Wren sat on the other side of the wall from us.

 Grmpa, was entertaining little man.

 Peeking over the wall at his Aunts.

 On the way home, Troy and I were holding hands......I looked back and saw this :)

 Then everyone hit the pool when we got home.   Can you guess what Iley's doing?  Water seriously activates her bladder.....even more than usual!  I could have taken about 10 more similar pictures!

 We had lots of this........

 The waves didn't seem to faze these two on their flimsy little water craft at all.

 Going under and bobbing up with big bro Thatcher. Isaac's sister.....Isaac lives with us.......she is married to Micah......Micah used to live with us....we just keep collecting kids :)

Brentley was NOT so sure about this cold water!  He loves his baths....but baths are warm!

 She was sitting here peacefully............

Then was picked up and hauled off.....caveman style!

 That is an awful lot of male whiteness!! (there is actually one more in here that you can just barely see the ear of)  Nice farmers tans boys :) LOL

Warming up on the concrete.

Picking......always picking!

He was thoroughly loving laying out here naked!

 Seriously......can you stand this much cuteness???  YUM!

 The girls were outnumbered 7 to 3!

Do I have to get in here again???  I was peacefully laying in the shade......then they put me in cold water!

The stage is set.........READY..............





A close up of the jump platform.......classy? creative!

Some of us just watched.

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