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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Days

We are loving the warm spring evenings!  The girls begged to go to the park, some times they play for 20 minutes and are done.  But it was such a beautiful evening, I think we were there almost 3 hours.

 The whistles are their latest "thing"........It may be the death of me!  I have banned them to the outdoors!

 Wren has a whistle too!  It's hanging by her arm.

 Iiiiiibeeeeeee "Iley"

 I asked Wren if she would stop and let me take her picture......she said "nah"....and promptly went about her business.......but Iley is usually willing.

 These were in the backyard on Sunday.  I decided to try some focusing and composition techniques on victims subjects that were more willing to sit still while I fiddled with my settings :)  They are awfully cute too!

Daughter in law, Ella Kate

 Daughter in law, Kyndall Leah.............and a good friend of the family, Ike.  Thatcher was on call for EMS, and had a transfer to Hays.  Classy sunshade for the babe huh?

 Ash.....our oldest son.

His loving wife doused him with some ice water..............

She said "you totally deserved that!"  I guess he'd been picking on her all day.

Aint he handsome :)

 Cuties!  I should have had my focal dot on Ash instead of Ella......cause he's closest to he is slightly out of much to remember!

 This sweet, edible, little man was totally loving the breeze on his tummy!  He laid here for the longest time, content to just watch the clouds......and his adoring fans.  It was about 6:00... so no one panic......he is not sunburnt :)

Like I said......his adoring fans are always hovering......ready to dive in for a smooch.

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