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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

The ones that made me a mother.  I tortured them all.......with picture taking :)

Our oldest son, Ash and his wife, Ella.

Or in color if you prefer it that way

Our second born son Thatcher, and his wife Kyndahl, and his baby boy Brentley.

Our 3rd son, Harrison(right) and 4th son, Sherman (left)  Then our 2 Chinese treasures that we are blessed to call daughters.....Wren on the left, and Iley on Harrison's lap.

My Husband, and best friend.......the one who helped create all of this beautiful chaos ;)    He fixed lunch today!  Home made pizza on the grill.  Chicken bacon ranch, meat lovers, and supreme.  It was DELICIOUS!.......AND.........he cleaned it all up.  Love him.  He is an awesome dad to our children, a hard working, and loving husband...and he has a great sense of humor........So glad I am doing life with this man!

Me with the 4 lovies that still live under our roof.  What a blessed Mother I am!

I washed their hair, and made "ice cream swirls" on top of their head.  They wanted to see it in the mirror........but Iley can't see a foot away with out her glasses, let alone across the room.  Then she was pretending to be an old lady.  This totally cracks me up!

Oh the JOYS of skirts that TWIRL!!!

Still twirling :)


My mother's day gift from Ash and Ella.  Her gift wrap is always so adorable.

She is a gifted artist!  You should see her notes that she takes in church!!  They are SO cool!  Not your typical bullet points etc.  Different fonts, curly Q's, drawings......fascinating.....and slightly distracting if you are sitting beside her :)

 Here it is piece by piece.  Each one had a different color of nail polish.  Iley and Wren were SO excited!  They immediately wanted their nails painted.  Each of them claimed a color.......I'm still not sure if they realize it was supposed to be MY gift!

This was Thatcher's "Simba" moment.............Lion King movie if that leaves you in the dark.

Love these kids!!!  I am so thankful and humbled that God chose me to be their mother.  Thankful for His grace that covers my weakness.  What an amazing bunch of kids.

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  1. The gift wrap for the gift is SO adorable! (That's a true talent!) Almost as cute as your family!