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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kindergarten Graduation

Kindergarten Graduation was..........interesting.  Nerve racking for us as parents........and highly entertaining for everyone else!  Wren tried to take her sweater off before it even began, but her teacher, bless her, talked her out of it.  Iley lost her hat on the way up the steps, and then again when she got in place.....Wren tried to hand something to her teacher, who told her to get back into she walked over to the other teacher in hopes she would take it off her hands (I thought it was a BOOGER, and was DYING......but ended up it was a hang nail)  JUST DROP IT ON THE FLOOR!!!  Good grief!  Wren lifted the front of her dress to wipe her eyes (thank goodness for shorts)  Iley picked, and hitched, and scratched like a monkey.......and rolled up her dress.......Wren and another little girl proceed to whack each other on the head with their diplomas......oh my word!!  I thought the program would NEVER end.......whew!  But they looked pretty cute in spite of it all :)

Pardon the not so great pictures!

Here's Wren coming down the isle, waving at everyone like she's in a parade.   Iley was on the other side so I couldn't get a picture of her.

 Trying to take her sweater off.

 Whacking the little girl next to her on the head!

 Iley thought the lights were too bright!

 Hans is on the 2nd row on the end, Grace is one row up 2nd one in pink sweater.

 They all took flashlights for this part about a firefly.  They were supposed to be shining them on their faces.......

Iley was turned clear around so she could see the kids singing!

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