Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Walk on the Wild Side

Or......otherwise known as going to the zoo.  I don't know how the rest of the worlds zoo experiences go.....but ours seem to have a recurring theme.  Zoos seem to bring on instant lethargy, and drain every ounce of energy out of small people.  The only body part that seem to be in GREAT working order was the oral cavity.  "It's HOOOOTTT"  "can we go to the play ground now"  "I'm thirsty"  "did we bring any snacks"  "it's gonna be long?"  "I need to potty"  As we tried to direct their attention to the animals, you know, the ones we came to see.........yeah those.  Wren showed much more interest in the lady with the leaf blower who was cleaning grass clippings off the sidewalk, and the most energy they displayed all day was when we found a ramp they could run up and down, never even glancing at the animals that the ramp was built to enhance the view of.  We had a mild spark of interest when the elephant did it's business right in front of us.  Now the BOYS were quite fascinated with the size of the deposits......the girls just giggled a little.  One commented on the gallons per minute that was released......with much admiration.  Sorry if this is too much information!  But it does happen and it was a highlight.......just sayin...

I forgot about feeding the giraffe!  They did enjoy that.......$2 per lettuce leaf......and 2 seconds of fun.

We got 3 leaves for $5, so Sherm opted out.

 They are fascinating creatures!

From left to right..... A little Whine and Cheese for you..... :)

 Did you just take my picture!  The nerve.

 Can you feel the excitement?

The boys made it their goal to sit on every bench we passed.

 Or surf every bench.....

 Watching the Otters......they are SO cute!...the otters........well the girls too.  They jumped back when he pushed off the glass right in front of them.

 The ramp that was so much fun.

FINALLY!!!  We get to go play at the playground!!

This little girl found them and played with them the whole time we were at this playground.  She was adorable!  Looked like she has some Asian/Indian background.  Most of the kids here were Hispanic.  Iley and Wren fit right in.

 Big brother to add a little excitement.


 Ok, we'll try it this way.

 The boys sat here talking and cracking up.  I asked them what was so funny.  "Listening to all the little kids' imaginations!"  Wah.......they should still be inside the log imagining too :(

 Sherman wanted to take this one home with us!

 Sherman's comment on the Flamingos, "They look like snooty butlers with their noses in the air."

Enduring more waaaaalkiiiiing.....and a few more animals..........

 Then.....OH JOY.......another playground!

We had to stop and marvel at the difference in their adventuresome side, from 2 years ago!  There is NO WAY you would have got Iley past the first level back then.

 It got rather crowded at one point!

 This cracks me up......They sat here discussing all the people around them.  They did really awesome all day!  They didn't complain about spending half of the day watching their little sisters at the playground.

Then we moved to yet another playground, where I didn't take any pictures.  There was a HUGE group of Mennonites there.......all speaking German. They spoke English Iley got along fine,  she got right in the group and played.  Wren tried....she started off playing, and going down the slide with them....but she can't communicate with them, so started blocking the slide so everyone piled up behind her.  This was funny the first time, but then I could tell the other kids were getting aggravated, so I made her stop.  But then she was kind of lost because if she isn't the one making up the rules of play......then she has no idea what is expected of her.  It was just heart breaking to see her realize she couldn't communicate with them, and quit trying.  She would play in the same vicinity, but not really part of the group.  This is the hardest thing for every parent of a child with special needs, watching them get left out.  Not because the kids are mean, but because they don't understand how to play with them.  Wren came over and sat on the bench with Troy and I and just seemed pensive :(  NEVER underestimate the power of communication! This is the reason I do daily battle with her over speech and listening therapy, the reason I get so upset when she doesn't seem to care, or fights us when we try to help her.  I KNOW how important it is going to be!  I pray for her to have the DESIRE to learn!  I pray daily, no several times a day....for God to PLEASE open up her language pathways!!  Please God help her to hear and understand, and to speak.  The experts said don't expect it, but I know my God is big enough. I will NOT give up.   

Monday, May 19, 2014

Little Man Syndrome

I've decided that's what we've got around here.....Little man syndrome.  And we've got it bad ;)  But seriously, can you blame us?

Then we break away to bring you sock folding.........I've never personally folded socks this way, but it seems that some can't do it any other way!

And back to the little man......his Aunts are quite smitten with him and entertained him by talking to him and bouncing him for about a half an hour!  Yes can borrow them anytime;)

 In the car getting ready to head to town.....

They were comparing their shoes for some reason.