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Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunny Days

Loving the sun shiny days!  But feeling a bit frustrated with my photography skills!  To all you amazing photographers.......hats off to you!  I never realized how much work it is to get, and keep, and remember all the right settings!  Whew.  I deleted twice as many pictures as I'm posting.......and some of the ones I'm posting really aren't that great.  Sorry you all have to take this journey with me :)

The girls had Thursday and Friday off of school because of preschool screenings.  They use the kindergarten rooms for this.  They played well on Thursday.....and Friday Friday afternoon they were could be a long we went for a walk.  We started out exploring an old abandoned homestead.  So much fun.

Yes Dad, I checked for nails.

The sun was so bright!

I think this was the old cellar. (No Dad, we didn't see even one snake the whole day! It's ok!)

 The old house.

 This old barn was built in several stories that kept going down the hill.

 If you wonder why Wren is never posed in pictures........she is much too busy to stop and pose!  She shakes her head at me and says "na"  Iley likes to as long as it doesn't take too long.

 This big pool is at the bottom of the hill right below the barn.

We walked all along this creek, until it ended in a big pool that used to be the local swimming hole.

 They were throwing sticks in the water........Wren always has to find a bigger and bigger stick.  She couldn't quite manage this one, so she enlisted Iley's help.  Their synchronization was just a bit didn't make it to the water.

 Are you two coming or not?  I was messing with my camera, and Iley, not as brave as Wren today, was sticking close.

The cow path leads right into that dark thicket!  Will she brave it?

Maybe with company....."come on Iley"  This is Iley's hummmph......ok answer.

 Iley.........the whiner squeaky wheel.........says "moooom it's kinda scratchy!!"  Keep pedaling darling....keep pedaling!  Poor things have such an unsympathetic mother!

This is the old swimming hole behind the girls.

 "Maaaawoooommm!!!!"  What Iley?......"there's a BUG"..........oh good grief.......just step on it. 

Then it was Iley's turn.......and Wren bounced the log for her.  She treats her like a younger sister.....she's only 2-1/2 months younger.

 Then all the way back to the old house, and our car.  As we were briskly walking along, Iley says "moooom...can we walk a little bit tiny??!!"  I'm going to be so sad when she can think of the phrase she really wants! :)

We walked our favorite log.......

And checked on the raisins...... Remember in the last post, the log with the "raisins"  Well they grew!

 Then we had to go to the play house.....again.

 They were in here just playing away!  They have their own little communication system.

Carefully lining all these pieces of bark on the "plate"  and signing "hot" and acting like it was burning their fingers.

 Time to eat!  Wren was praying.......she signed I love you..........

something about talking.......we ask God every night to help her learn to listen, hear and talk.........

 signing Amen..........a........

 ......I missed m's e

 Iley was done eating and yawning..........she was going to bed.

 Wren joined her.

 When they got up, I laid down on the log.  This was my lovely view over head.  It was sooo peaceful!  The sun was warm, the sky was blue, There was no sound except the girl's  chatter, and a train in the distance.

 My peace didn't last long though......."maaawww"  Wren said.........yes dear?  Look!  She points to her creation.  I ask/sign "what is it?"  She signed back "flowers" :):)  She has such an imagination!  She was putting her final touches on it.  It was a partially hollow log, she had stuffed with leaves and sticks.

 There.  Done.

 Now to put it on the table.

 Saturday evening, we kept this sweet thing while his Mama and Daddy went to a friends house for supper.  They wanted to eat in peace while their food was still hot :)  He was an angel all evening.  He liked this little "bed" and slept there for almost 2hrs.

Iley woke up first on Sunday morning, so she had Dad all to herself for a little bit.

 This little punkin showed up for church today..........oh yeah......and he brought his mom and dad with him ;)  We had a birthday lunch for Kyn and Isaac whose birthdays were the 2nd and 3rd.  Steak, baked potatoes (we do them in the micro sliced in a 9X13 layered with butter, then when they are done cooking we stir in sour cream bacon bits and cheese) broccoli salad, and rolls.  For dessert we had Cherry Delight, and Peanut Butter lush.

 It was a lovely day, so after everyone's gluttony had  eased, we ventured out to the town park.

Some played......some slept the entire time.

 Iley....screaming....just because that's what she does!

 The next two pictures crack me up :)  They went down the slide together.  Iley screaming......

 .........and Crash!

 The big kids were playing Bocci ball at the other end of the park.

 Intently watching to see if the ball was going to stop at the right place..........

These two are so funny, almost every time they take off for another place, if it's very far.....they grab hands.

Wren was spinning the merry go around.......and Iley, crazy nut, was jumping up and down in the middle!

 You can't really tell it here, but Wren was walking in place.  It was spinning, and she would stay facing the same direction.  The difference in their muscle mass, coordination, and balance, since they have been home, is phenomenal!  Two years ago, they couldn't even walk across the uneven yard!

 Iley was running, running, running, pushing..........and trying to get on......

Wren, summed up the problem, promptly went over and drug her on!

 Still sleeping........

 The patient mother :)

 She's so cute :)

Carrie walked over from her house, and took a walk with Kyndahl.

Winding up the swings and spinning.  They  aren't allowed to do this at school, but I remember doing it the entire recess!

 They really weren't fighting :) But discussing something!

 And.......some.......were still sleeping!

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