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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, April 21, 2014

Messing with Light

A lot of portrait pictures this time......I'm still in my beginners camera class.  The assignment.......using natural light from a flash, or artificial lighting.

Sherman laughing about something.

 Nice cheesy smile Iley!

 I was setting up my background to take some pictures of the girls, but needed someone to sit there so I could adjust my camera.  Harrison volunteered.

 Ella made their cute little dresses out of some old pillow cases.  She said someone left them in her car at an auction.  They are so cute!  Here is Iley.

 And here is both of them.

 Then.....just Wren.  I took their glasses off because I kept getting the window reflection in them, and I couldn't see their eyes.

See how that far eye is out of focus......not good!  I needed to back up........but couldn't because of the furniture.

My subjects were running out of patience with me!

 But then along came another subject......who didn't seem to mind......or have any choice :)

Saturday, Ash and Ella took the boys to Hays with them.  When they got back, Ella had a package from her mom.  Her mom sends the coolest packages!  Sherman was ready to move out if I'd send him packages like this!  I told him he had better just stay put.......I would probably forget to mail it or something.

They had LOTS of help opening.......and checking out everything!  Wren was coveting these beef sticks!

Sherm was on the couch to the left here.  You can see his spotted shoes.

 After an Easter Lunch of Ham, creamy potatoes, Strawberry spinach salad, rolls, coconut cream pie, and strawberry pie..........we all needed to get OUT and get some exercise!

 Kyndahl was told to 'sit here'.........they needed her for balance.  She doesn't look too sure about it!  She's right on a joint.....and wanted to make sure it wasn't going to pinch her hiney!

 Then we played basket the rain.  We figured if we kept would keep raining!  The teams were Ash and Isaac, against Troy, Me, Sherm, and Ella.  We won by 1 basket.  This old grandma even made a few points!

 These are some I edited in photo shop.  They were way too dark, so I lightened them.

He almost smiled here!  Don't you just want to scoop him up and smooch on him!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Iley

Happy Birthday to Iley!  Her birthday FINALLY got here!  after 2-1/2 months of crossing off calendar squares!!!  She thought it would never get here!  "It's gonna be long?"  "It's taking too long!!!" she said....over, and over, and over, and over......

Her 5th birthday,  we got to be a small part of by sending a cake to her foster home in China.  She looks like such a baby!  We had waited so so anxiously for these pictures!!  Just wanting to see that little face. 

Her first Birthday at home.....6 yrs. old.

And now....home almost 2 years!  and 7 years old!

Her first Party at preschool....6yrs.

And her 7th Birthday at school, Kindergarten....

 Passing out the juice pouches.  She just took the whole of the kids said "hello mail man!"

Singing Happy Birthday, and  her Birthday "spanking" from her teacher......7 smacks.....and one to grow on.

 Uh she comes!

 Picking out her Birthday gift from her teacher.

 Her birthday treats were, pigs in a blanket, and ice cream sandwiches.

And of course we always need a little drama!

 She was so excited to see Dad show up for her party :)

 The whole class....minus 2 that were absent.

And her party at home the night before.

 Ella works at DQ, she went in and made this cake.  Who does this??  It's so cute!  She is so talented.  Iley LOVES the movie, Frozen.  For those who have not seen it, this is Olaf, the snowman.  It looks just like him!

Baby Boo fell asleep, and was sleeping peacefully in the midst of the hullabaloo!  Everyone was playing games at the other end of the table......laughing, and talking......he just slept away.

Monday before school......her actual birthday.