Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, March 20, 2014

We're back.

To all of my faithful followers, sorry it's been so long.  This is a very random collection of pictures. 

Gwen, these next few are for you.  These are the metal boxes/drawers that Harrison drug up from the pasture and made into shelving.  I thought it was rather creative of him.  He did all of his own decorating.

 I love the fact that instead of sports posters, or girls...... his bulletin board has lots of pictures of his little sisters.  He is such a good kid, and a great big brother.

The other side of the room on the other hand.........not so pretty!

 The kids are on spring we headed to CO to see Troy, to keep our eyes open for houses..... and to tour a school there.  Some awesome friends of ours graciously opened their home to us........even though they weren't there.  They did come home towards the end of our stay.  Both of the girls LOVED this piano!  They banged played it continually, until we were ready to scream......and would run them out. 

This is Iley's morning hair.  Love that one wild piggy tail!

Wren and Sherman were the only ones that braved the hill out back.  After about 2 runs, Sherm decided it was WAY too much work.....especially for us low altitude people.  Wren kept falling down, and their big English bulldog would come and sit on her.  Then she couldn't get up.  She was NOT impressed! LOL

 We thought he might just join them in the hot tub.

 He sat mournfully looking in the patio door every evening.  They have to keep a stick in the sliding glass door because he can open it!  He could look sadder than any dog I've ever seen.

 By the  3rd day, Iley was finally over her altitude sickness, and ready to join in the fun.  She kept telling us her stomach hurt......and "I might gag"........NOT what we wanted to hear!!  She never did "gag" though! Whew!

Trust me.....this girl can fend for herself.

 Back home.........every toy came out.

Must tie......Must tie.... Something MUST be tied!!!!!!

 Hey!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't ready!!!  I'm posing here, can't you see??  She thouroughly scolded Iley!

And of course a few pictures of the wee little manny.........but not many, because I was holding him most of the time :)  I may or may not have been accused of "hogging" him.......

 I wonder if Ike ever misses his personal space???

 This little in love with this little baby.


  1. So fun to see your pics. Poor Iley being altitude sick! We had a 9 year old with it almost the entire week we were in CO this summer. I was awful! Looks like you had fun & I bet you missed the little baby man.

    1. Oh we did miss him! But we made up for it when we got back :)

  2. I just love your blog! It makes me almost think that I'm your neighbor! I hope the house hunt went well. If you move you are going to miss that sweet baby boy!

  3. Oh how I wish you WERE my neighbor! I would LOVE that! Until then, we will just have to get glimpses into each others' worlds via bloggy ville. I can't even think about moving and leaving that wee little man! I'm praying his mama and papa will move with us :)