Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welcome Brentley Gene!

It's hard to even express what it feels like to watch your child.....become a father!  That little boy who said...I'm sure it was just yesterday........"I'm gowna mawwy you momma"  Because he couldn't stand the thought that he wouldn't live with us forever.......NOW........He's all grown up with his little family just beginning.   He is going to be such a great Dad.  We got our first glimpse of Brentley Gene, last night.  He arrived in this world at 8:20pm. weighing in at 7lbs. 4oz. and 19" long.  Momma and Baby are both doing great.
Grandpa holding him :)  I think it's safe to say we are all IN LOVE :):)

Kyndahls Mom, Grma Suzy :)

 Headed in to see the baby after school today.  This is the first time for the kids to see him.

 When we got there, Kyn was feeding the baby so we waited in the hall......some of us VERY impatiently!

Finally!!  We get to see the baby!........and Kyndahl.  Iley was worried about Kyndahl.  She said a while back, trying to clarify I think......"when the baby comes, Kyndahl go bye bye"  We said NOOOO!!!  Kyndahl AND the baby will stay.  But you know, in her world babies came.....and mommies went away :(

The girls were both very interested in all the hospital room stuff, and Kyn's IV.

 Uncle Sherman was fascinated with how tiny his little hands were.

Just his little cuteness :)

 Iley was SMITTEN!!!  She asked a dozen questions....some a little hard to did he get out.....  Her main concern was that she couldn't take him home with her.  She said on the way home she didn't like her house.  I said well where do you want to live?  "Kyndahls house"

 Wren on the other hand didn't want anything to do with him.  I have no idea why.  She just wasn't interested in him.  We made her take this picture.

 Harrison was in love too!  He kept saying "he's so Cuuuuuute!!"

 Uncle Harri :)

 His nose is so tiny..........

Wren was more interested in the daddy than the baby!

Love this picture of Daddy and his little boy. His hands have a ways to grow before they catch up with Daddy's :)

Sniffing his head......does this remind anyone of anyone.

He doesn't have his daddy's dimple in his chin.

The boys had to unwrap his little feet.  They couldn't believe how tiny his toenails were.

 Harrison just couldn't keep his hands off.  So cute :)

 "Auntie El"

 These two.......we had to pry them out!

 Then back home to the normal zoo:)


  1. Congratulations you all!! What a doll!! This is I exciting, I'm sure! :) blessings~

  2. Congratulations! He's beautiful, I can certainly understand why Iley and Harrison didn't want to leave! Kyndahl will have some great babysitters!

    I am so happy for you and them! I wonder if this will give Ella the baby bug?

    Again, He's perfect and I love the photos. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a precious little bundle!! So excited for Thatchers and for you, Grandma! Enjoy!

  4. OH! So sweet! I have been waiting to see this post! :)

  5. Aww. . . so fun to see these pics!! He is adorable:) Have fun spoiling him! Jennifer