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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nature Walk

I took the girls, and Sherman to a nearby neighbors property to walk..........about half way through Sherman says....."this really wasn't about walking at all was it?  You are just practicing for your camera class"..........well......ummm........maybe :)  But hey, walking is fun too right?  The girls loved it.  Sherm thought they didn't walk fast enough and got bored.

I shot all of these in Manual.......meaning I had to choose the light coming in, the depth of field, and the shutter speed.  The first couple I took came out completely black, or all white. Focus is our next lesson I think.  So all things considered.....these could be worse.  And the subjects were cute, and the day was beautiful, and the location was awesome.

Checking out a hole in the tree.........

...anyone in there?

Iley found a deer antler.....and carried it the rest of the walk........and brought it home.  Not sure what she is going to DO with it.

She was SO pleased with herself! She started out tentatively, inching down the log.  With a little practice, she was running.

Wren struggles much more with balance.  I really think it has something to do with her ears....and  deafness.  Her center of balance is just off a bit.

YAY!  I made it all the way to the end!  She even "ran" the last 3 steps!

I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees......

They look like a couple of little plains Indians.........Wren was watching some vultures circling above.

Sending signals of some kind?

A cloud came over just as I snapped this one so it is a little dark in the front of the picture.

They couldn't get their "tree" to stand Sherman came and showed them how to prop the limbs against each other.

These strange things were growing out of the log.........Sherman thought they were raisins.  They DID look like raisins!

See Mom, easy peasy, no hands.

She was hopping up and down here because she was so happy she could walk across and not fall.

This is pretty much as brave as Wren got.  She did get to where she could walk the whole log though!

This was the big root chunk at the end of the log/tree.

This one is way over exposed!  The sun came out bright, and I forgot to change my light intake.


  1. Hello to my beloved Kansasans or ites or oids :)
    The photos are beautiful! You are doing an excellent job! The color is very vivid and clear. Were you at the old lake? The girls are getting taller and taller and so is Sherman...:( Where was Harry? He wasn't up to a walk with the littles? Please keep the updates coming. It makes the miles between us seem less when we can see your faces!!
    xoxoxo......A. Gwen

  2. Your nature walk looks like lots of fun!

  3. Wow! You are doing great! Wish I could snap my fingers and know all that good stuff without putting forth the time and effort. hmmm. not very likely! I guess I'll keep shooting on auto.