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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wren's 7th Birthday at Home.

Her Birthday was actually on Saturday, but we had her party on Sunday.  She woke up Sun. morning and the first thing she noticed was the balloons tied to her chair............

 Then Iley hollers for her to loooooook!!!

 Big sis Ella, made this darling cake for her!


 Is this party EVER going to start???  Can I open the presents already!!??

 HEY!!!! back off!!! This is MY cake!!  She does NOT suffer in silence!

 Iley had a very hard time accepting the whole 'Wren's birthday is first' concept!  At first she informed me that she wasn't going to eat any of Wrens cake. (said with a pout)  Then she wasn't going to watch Wren open her presents.  I told her that it  would make Wren sad if she didn't watch.  I also told her that she needed to be happy for Wren, cause Wren's her sister, and she loves Wren, we want the people we love to have nice things.  She is fine with Wren having nice long as she gets them too!!!  So I said "why don't we go upstairs and make a special card for YOU to GIVE Wren"  She will think that is special!  She was all excited about that, and decided maybe she would watch her open her presents (trust me you couldn't have drug her from her post by Wren's side)  But I finally had to tell her to go play......I didn't want to hear anymore about birthdays!!  She would keep coming up to me and saying "I can't wait mommy" "I can't wait"  "it's too long"  I would tell her you have to wait!  It's not your birthday yet.  She would go off for about a minute or two and come back!!  "I can't wait mommy"..........oh. my. word.  she was making me crazy!!!  We finally got the calendar down and circled the day......then her birthday.....and we are marking off the days until her day!!  She reminded me this morning!  So she hasn't forgot yet.  It could be a long 2 months.

 Yellow cake and spice cake layered.....YUM!

 Nice Beard Thatch

 A new bike from Mom and Dad.  I told Dad he gets the honors of teaching this very uncoordinated child how to ride!  I sometimes think her balance is effected by her hearing loss??

 Do you SEE the sad face along side???  Oh it was a hard day for some!

A new bike horn, and water bottle, and bike chain (which they've already used to hook their little cars together and pull each other)  and some money from Grandma, and Grandpa D. 

A darling leather bracelet from Ash and Ella......and..........

 ...a new movie!!!  They watched it later that night while the grown ups....well mostly the guys....watched football.

 It was WINDY and cold.......but she had to go out and try her new bike!

Later that evening we had more people over for a Superbowl "party"  Ours are pretty tame!  But we love all the people :)


 Such a cute little profile!  

Love these sweet girls!!

 Wren's gift from Thatcher and Kyndahl.  An air hockey game.  They've had lots of fun with it. 

 She also got some money from Grandma and Grandpa K.  We haven't decided what we are going to get her with it yet.  Aunt Gwen and Uncle Mike sent her a cute pair of new sparkly shoes.  She loved them.

And these are just because their little brown legs looked so cute :)

 LOVE this one :)

 The reason we don't buy toys for this one!!  She would rather play with odd things, and make them what she wants them to be.  She rarely plays with a toy as it's intended to be played with.   Let me introduce you to the calendar garage door.

I'll leave you with an Iley quote:
"I can draw a picture myself, cause I'm big.....AND awesome"
No self esteem issues with this one yet :)

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