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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Wren

It seems hard to believe that Wren is 7 already.  When we first saw this little face, she was only 4 years old.
Actually this is the first picture we ever saw of her.  I'm guessing she was around 2.

Then we got to send her a cake at the orphanage on her 5th birthday, while we were wishing desperately to get to her.

Home on her 6th birthday.....I can do this myself people!  Back off!

 Her school party last year....6yrs.

And Happy 7th Birthday sweet girl!  You have come so far and we are so proud of you.  We are blessed to be your Daddy and Mommy!  This is her school party.  We will have her party at home tomorrow, so stayed tuned :)

Her substitute interpreter, Ms. Brandy

 Passing out treats with her teacher.

 She FINALLY got to wear the birthday crown!!  She asks every time someone has a birthday if it's her turn.  She was SO EXCITED to be the birthday girl!!

And who should come wandering through from across the hall.......on her way to guessed it.....the bathroom(the bathroom is in Wren's room), but ms. Iley herself......she was VERY interested in the party!  We had had a few tears that morning over the fact that she wouldn't get to be at Wren's party.

 Then they played a game where you hide an item and several kids go out, then come in and try to find it.  You are supposed to tell them whether they are hot or cold.  Wren got to hide it first.  She got the concept of hiding it......but kind of missed the rest of the idea.  She pretty much showed them where it was!  Oh well she had fun, and felt important.

 One of her little friends was VERY sad because she didn't get a turn to hide the ball............
 .........Wren noticed right away that she was sad, and went over to comfort her.

Here, lets take a picture together!  still not very happy.......

 You can wear my hat!..........that's better :)

She really has such a giving, caring spirit.  I can totally see her as a little nurse someday! She loves to take care of people.

Her birthday snacks were 'pigs in a blanket' and ice cream sandwiches, and ice tea.  She's not big on cake, and she really doesn't love juice, so we did ice cream and tea :)  suited her fine.


  1. I love her food choices . . . the perfect party! I loved how Wren comforted her friend! The girls are always dressed so cute! Happy Birthday, Wren! You are beautiful!

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Little Miss Wren! So precious that she was willing to share her birthday hat.

    Judy, I hope it is encouraging to look back on two birthdays and see how much Wren has grown. Praying for you, friend!