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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wild Wild West

It was Kansas Day at school so the girls were supposed to dress like a cowboy or girl, and bring a sack lunch.  They eat the school lunch every day, and never complain.....but Oh. MY. WORD.  they were SO excited about taking their lunch!!

Here they are in all their glory :)

 Iley thought it was so funny to wear Shermans helmet.

Eating their standard 2 eggs for breakfast.  Sometimes they are scrambled, sometimes they are 'flat' (as Iley says)  but they always want their eggs.

 Wren's been wearing her over the ear processors this week and really seems to like them.  They make her tiny ears stick out a little, and we have to hook them to her glasses....but they work.

 This is a lazy french braid :)  They don't have to sit nearly as still for this either!

 When I put Iley to bed her pony tails were down low.....but her hair was still damp, and this is what she woke up looking like!

 4 of my favorite people :)  headed out the door for school this morning.


  1. You are right about the cowboy boots!!!....They definately could have used them for Kansas Day!...They even had star cut outs on the sides but I fear you are also right in thinking they would probably form an annoying attachment to them. Then monitoring the proper outfit to wear them with could be a chore!! Oh well, what the don't know wont hurt them!! They looked quite authentic anyway. :) Tell Harry and Sherm I was glad to see their faces since they skipped out on the last post...And am totally enjoying Harry's nonchalant slump against the door!!! He's sooo cute...even if he doesn't want to be. And Sherm gets taller everytime he's on here!! Yikes! And....Fran says she totally gets what Iley means about "excited eyes"! She feels that way about walking into Forever21! She says she can't look around quick enough and she's afraid she may miss something! Yep, spoken like a true shopper. Tell all your people hello and xoxo!!