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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday Blessings

One of my favorite things.........Wonky morning pig tails.  We've started doing this to minimize the snarly hair in the morning.

 I looked in the bathroom......and saw this parking area...........

 ......and true to their gender.......they go to the restroom in pairs.........

 ......because conversation is good anywhere..........

......and one can always use a helping hand.

Some of our Sunday crowd.....others had moved outside to enjoy the amazing 70* weather!!

Sharing a glass of tea.

 The gorgeous day beckoned us all OUT doors!!  We decided to load everyone up and go to a nearby farm to walk.

 We had to stop and pet these pretty curious creatures.

 Iley actually touched them!

 Trying to balance on the ridges.

 Testing to see if the cow pies were fresh or not.......with a very interested was.

 Wren found a feather!  So now we are on the look out for one for Iley.  It looks like an owl feather, but we weren't positive.

Whew!  We found another one!

 I love the light through the feathers on this one.  Sometimes I like to take pictures of them without their glasses so you can see their eyes.


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  1. Your girls are growing up to fast! I see the changes and am amazed at how much they have changed since coming home. BTW, they are beautiful with and without their glasses!

    What a sweet wonderful bond Wren and Iley have, sharing everything yet maintaining their unique qualities!

    I would love to join you on one of your farm walks one day! Your family is beautiful and I so enjoy seeing them via your blog!