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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, January 27, 2014

Of Bones and Branches

By Sunday afternoon, we all get a little stir crazy on a nice day.  So once again we take off for a walk.......thinking it is much nicer out than it actually is.........the original spot picked to walk was unprotected, and gale force winds hit us with a blast.  So we opted for this spot down in a creek bottom.

Iley found a bone right away and was quite enamored of it.  She tried to get it in Dad's pocket to take home with her.  I think Dad "accidentally" lost it. 

 Like I was not quite as nice as we thought.......El didn't bring a coat, BUT I happened to have a couple of bags of clothes destined for G@@dwill that she was able to find something cozy in.........  I told her she looked quite matronly here :) hee hee!

This looks much more expedition-y than it really was!

and then Ella stole my camera...........something about revenge........??

 Iley wanted to "let's run mommy"  So of course, Wren wanted to run too!  So the old folks (soon to be grma and grmpa people!!)  couldn't act like we were too old for 6 yr run we did.

 The young mama and pappa to be......did NOT run........thank goodness!

 There was a storm rolling in.  It was sunny, and cloudy, and windy.

Mommy and her girls

We had lots of fun balancing on the logs!

 ......and jumping off of them.

 Robin Hood?

She had fun until dad let go and said try it on your own........freak out!

 Save me Daddy!

 But had no problem being swung out over???  Total trust!

The wind was picking up and people were starting to get a leeeetle bit chilly!

 Hows that for a grandmotherly dismount!  The old gray mare can still kick up her heels :)

 Thatcher's curved sword...................

 and his bow...........

........then it was a saxophone.........

 you in there Thumper?

Iley was NOT keen on sitting up here for a picture!

Iley walks in the kitchen and asks Dad, who is sitting at the table, "where's Wren?" He says "she just went around that way looking for you:" iley then crawls up on his lap shrugs and states " Wren not gonna find me." what a brat!

Wren is always amazing me with her mechanical mind.  She put together 4 puzzles that are made of thin wood, so they kind of stick together.  She had them all stacked on top of each other and brought them over on a board to show them to me.  She slid them all off onto the cabinet to display them to me.  After I had looked at them all I started to pick one up........which promptly lost a couple of she shrieked........and immediately put her board down level with the counter.......instead of on top of it......and motioned for me to slide them off onto it!!  Now that was smart, quick problem solving!

We were working on color words tonight......with voice only.......she consistently got 5 out of 7 correct!!!  We also tried "where's Daddy" "where's mommy"  Sherman, Iley, Wren, Ashley, Ella, Harrison......She could get Mom and Wren everytime, but got Ashley, Ella, and Iley mixed up.  I think with a little more work she will get Sherman.  She is understanding more and more, and trying to say more words! She said Ahhhhshhh (Ash)  She even worked really hard trying all our names tonight.  She usually lasts about 2 tries and gives up. Her interpreter, and the lady from the service center feel sure she is going to be verbal.  She really has a clear voice, with a lot of inflection in it too.  Praying and believing that God has an amazing plan for this little life!  If nothing else, it's improving my prayer life :)


  1. its time for Hugs from gpa and gma knaus missing you all. everyone looks well and happy. love you all.