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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas in Ohio

 They haven't even been here a day yet, and they have Grandma playing tea with them! 


 Waiting to open presents at Grpa, and Grma K's.  

 For some reason we started with the oldest to youngest this year.  The girls.....especially Wren, who we couldn't quite explain it to, were VERY impatient!  They were trying to unwrap my gift, and everyone elses!  Hurry UP people!!  Rip those things open already!

Finally!! it was their turn.  Of course they HAD to open the biggest presents first!  They were so excited to get these darling little shopping carts!

Iley decided to climb in the trash bag??  Wren wanted in too.

 SMILE Mom!  You have to smile!

 After we opened presents we all went ice skating.  It was the girls' first time.  They were so excited......we were slightly long would they last?  I was sweating by the time I got both of their skates on and laced!  They could hardly stand up.......on the rubber flooring!  How on earth were they going to survive when they hit the ice! 

This was their favorite way to skate!  Just hang on to the front, and someone push me really fast!! 

 They were dangerous!!!  They were concentrating so hard on their feet, that they paid ZERO attention to where they were going......which direction they were headed......or the location of other skaters........they almost took out several innocent passerby's!! 

 When we were all done.....we headed back to Grandmas for more food.  We did a lot of the "more food" thing while we were there!

Grma did lots of this!

 A family get together with Troy's side of the family that live in Ohio.

 This sweet girl is learning sign language and wanted to sign a song to Wren.

 All dressed up, headed off to a New Year's Eve get together.

 We headed home on Jan. 4th......Stopped through Indiana to visit some Good friends.  This little girl prayed so hard for the girls while we waited to bring them home :) Anya is 7, the girls will be in Feb. and April.  We love this family who is always so gracious to allow us to crash in on them.....stay up late and chat.....feed us.....make us laugh.........thanks again!!  Thanks Addie, and Avery for entertaining Harrison and Sherman.

 Last stop before heading home to Kansas.  We ate breakfast with more good friends who have 3 China Blessings.  We hadn't seen their 2 newest who arrived home just a short time before our girls. 

 Della, on the left is 8, then Wren who will be 7 in Feb. and Iley who will be 7 in April.  I thought my girls were fairly small until they got up next to these little sweeties!  We need some smiling lessons!

The girls thought it was so fun that they had matching socks!

From left to right....Iley, Wren, Della, Leslie I think she is 8 (or 9?) too, Kai is in front, he is 4, and Zac is on the far right.  He just turned 7.  What a bunch of cuties!!

 They gave the girls a gift.  Markers and a coloring book, and a cute little wood "earth" ball with "children of the world" inside.  Thanks again!  We loved spending time with all of you!

 This was the "big boys"  Sherm on the left is 12, Garrett in the middle is 13 (I think) Harrison is 14.  They have 2 older girls too, but somehow they escaped the pictures :( 

 They had a good was a short and sweet visit, but they had fun.

 Home again........and STILL in their traveling clothes!........they may or may not have stayed in them until bath and bedtime........BUT........they were having a ball on this swing car that arrived LATE while we were gone.  I ordered 2.....and they both came........but one was missing a vital we still just have one that is working.  They took turns for a while.....we would set the timer for 10 minutes each, then they decided it was more fun to ride together.  Iley said "we screaming mom" I needed informed!


  1. What a fun wonderful trip! I cannot believe how much the girls are growing, and they are beautiful!

    I just love sharing in your family time, thank you!

    Happy New Year to you dear friend!

  2. Loved being with you guys for a bit! What are the books Ike and Thatch got?