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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas 2014

We had our family Christmas early because we are all traveling to Ohio for Christmas.  That's right.....Father, and his two sons old enough to be married, all picked Ohio girls.  Soooooo  hi ho, hi ho, it's off to O hi o we go.  Kansas boys just have a thing for Ohio girls I guess.  

I'll start you off with a few random pictures that I edited.  They loaded first, and it's a pain to move Christmas will have to wait.

Grandpa and his first grandbaby. 

He had finally got those tags!!  Someone was telling him NO all day. did he get so darling!!
 This is the little rabbit that Iley wanted.  She saw it on an etsy site, and promptly ditched the doll she had picked out first.  She always picks stuffed animals over dolls to play with.

 Wren was just as sure that this is the doll she wanted.  She on the other hand, almost never plays with stuffed animals.

 The night before our get together, Ella came and transformed the dining room :)
 The men were in the kitchen doing some prep work for our Christmas Lunch.......and watching football.

The finished product.

Ash, Harrison and Sherman made this cute fake fireplace for me out of old lumber.  Inspired by Ella.

 Waiting VERY impatiently for Brentley to wake up from his nap so we could open presents.

Dad, look at mom!! She wants to take your picture, and I promise you it won't hurt a bit.

 Are you sure I'm supposed to be doing this?  Every time I get close to these things, they say NO Brentley!

 Doll beds for the girls.

 Notice Brentley in the background!  He was trying so hard to get to the girls' present!

 He chewed on all the tags!

 Their gifts from Thatch and Kyndahl.

 Wren and her doll.

She was thrilled with her little rabbit :)

We had to corral the real baby.  They were NOT impressed with his style of play!

How many babies can you get in one bed?

These two guys put both beds together.................

....while these two guys.......let them.

 "Brentley, Nana is going to take our picture again, can you believe it?"

 "Yep, Gramps, she did it."

We had Hawaiian Meal for our Christmas dinner, and cookies and candy for our dessert.  What a blessing to have such wonderful family!