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Monday, December 16, 2013

Various and `Sunday` happenings

Look mom, I'm an Egg.

 I guess now that she hatched..........that makes her a chick?  She's even fuzzy headed!

 I went upstairs to get some socks out of this dresser in their room..........apparently the `mad Tie~er" was busy this morning.

 After church we went to a pot luck at the high school, that was put on because so many of the out of state guests were still here from Betsy J's and Daniel S's wedding........ he is from Ohio.  This was a mixed crowd of people.  This little sweetie wouldn't have anything to do with all the little girls that kept trying to get her.  She was quite happy with Grandpa, or Mommy.

 I kept hearing a Maaa.....Maaaaawm  but couldn't see where it was coming from.  Then I looked over here.....Evie and Wren had crawled under the bleachers.

 The boys played several games of basket ball and moaned about how they were going to pay for it tomorrow.

Cousin Evie, and Wren.

 Cousin Grace

Iley was hitching a ride on the table that Dad was putting away.

Wren and Jillian.

 Iley complained of a headache before church, so we gave her tylenol, and didn't think much more about it.  Then after lunch, she said her head hurt again.  She spent most of the afternoon sitting on Dad's lap, not playing........NOT a good sign.  She ran a slight fever in the evening.  Even with more tylenol, she just didn't feel good.  We put them to bed early hoping for the best.  Tonight is their Christmas program, and she is SO excited about it.   If it wasn't for not feeling good.......this girlie, would be sick every day just for the pampering and petting she got!  She was milking it for all it was worth!

Micah and Carrie, Ash and El, Thatch and Kyn, and Ike......all came for a supper of left over BBQ pork.  Thanks Mike and Gwen for leaving it here!  It was just as good the 2nd time around.  

 I kept Iley home this morning to make sure she rested, and hoping to be able to send her to school right after her lunch.  She seemed to be feeling better.  I gave her a dose of tylenol cold, and hopefully she'll make it through the day.  I plan to give  them both a short nap before their program tonight.........naps are not usually met with much joyful response..........sometimes it's almost a mutiny.  Iley cried when I told her she couldn't go to school!  She loves school.  But I told her if she went this morning, and they sent her home.......she wouldn't get to be in the program tonight.  Getting the Ipad all to herself all morning soon dried up her tears.

As I was getting Wren ready for bed last night she was signing to me that her flower on her dress was "white".  She is almost always voicing with her signs now, and she said wite.  I could understand it!  wooo hoo.  The t ending is not so much a "t" sound as a hard ending between a hard g and n sound, but she had the w and long i sound and an ending! 

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