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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Doin's

These pictures start back on Tuesday before Thanksgiving.......there are a bunch so be warned.  These were Tuesday before school.....just because they looked so cute :)

 They were so excited when they came home from school and Grandma and Grandpa K. were at our house!!!  Of course they immediately put Grandma to good use!  Read a book, Grandma........pleeeease....she never says no.  I had to laugh at their "Indian" head dresses! Wrens looks kinda like a bird.......and poor Iley's looks more like Eeyore!!

On Wednesday morning, they were up early......but they can't come out of their room until we open the door.....You can't really tell in this picture, but when I went up to check on them, they had plugged in the Christmas tree, and were playing happily by the glow of it.  I put the tree in their room this is just a little TOO tacky for the living room.  At one point there was a small umbrella hanging from the it.  By a shoe string......that Scout tied to it.

 After we let them out......Grandpa and Grandma had a bag of goodies for them..........this was all part of the plot to keep them occupied.......somewhere other than under our feet... while we were cooking!

 Sitting in the midst of all their loot.  They packed it all over the house all day in the bags it came in.

 Thanksgiving Day..............I put Ella in charge of the center piece.  She is very creative.

 Isn't it cool!!  She did a great job.

Iley just loved Uncle Mike for some reason......not that he's not lovable!  But you just never know about her.

 Everyone crowded in my little galley kitchen, trying to get lunch on for 16 of us.

 One of the small people we continually ran out of the kitchen!

 My niece Fran......such a sweetie.

 another small person who was banished to the living room.

Ready to get started.

 Iley and Wren didn't sit at this table, but they wanted to be sure and get in the picture!  Iley says "get the two girls' picture"

 The kitchen crew.  Iley and Wren sat here too.

The girls were watching Tom and Jerry with Grandpa on his ipad.

 Sunday we had a get together with Troy's side of the family.  We rented a building near by from some very kind folk.

 One of the favorite toys is 2 sets of small crutches.

 His mother was NOT pleased to see him up here.

 Brooke, our niece who is 14, asked if she could take my camera and get pictures.......of course I said YES! please do!

 She even got one of the Grandpas playing ping pong.  Brooke also talked just about everyone into playing in her tournament!

 I love how the one standing is cracking up at the two that crashed.
 This sweet cousin carried Iley around so much that I was afraid she'd forget how to walk! 

 An old knife sharpener (whet stone?) that was outside.  The kids sharpened all kinds of rocks and junk on it.

 The next 3 pictures are adorable, and totally crack me up.  Two of our nephews are on the left, the little guy in the red  is a cousin.

 I was wondering how she got her dress so grubby.........then I looked at Brooke's pictures......hmmm.

The youngest guest.  He's almost 2.

 The most handsome guest :)

These two very thoroughly wiped all the condensation off the doors.

When they got the bottom all cleaned off.........they started on the top..........but couldn't reach far.

BUT.......notice the tiny little person on the left side of the next picture!

 Here he comes.........

 Problem solved!  He even brought 2!  No one told him to do this either.  He just disappeared, and came back with.....not one.....but 2 chairs.......I'm not sure it helped HIM much, but Iley did some more damage :)

And ......."hot off the press"...........well as of  Tuesday morning.......

 That's all folks!  The girls both LOVED having all the family.....Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Grandparents here!!  It seems like it is healing for them to see the same people come back........then go see those same people at their houses........and feel loved by them all.  They belong.  This is THEIR family.  They were spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it.

I loved it because I got to laugh till I cried with my sister and family.  What a blessing to have family.


  1. Looks like fun! And HI to Hannah Banana!! If you see her soon, tell her we MISS HER!!!! And I LOVE Wren's red dress in the last few pics... Where's it from?

    1. Anna, the dress is a Mini Boden. A hand me down from a good friend.

  2. Once again, enjoyed your pictures! That Hans is a clown!! Love his dearly!!
    Can't wait for Dec 24th to get here!

  3. I think you are so right about returning to the same people is healing for our kids. Every time they do it again, they let go of a little piece of not belonging and settle into "home".

    I love seeing the pictures of your family (your niece looks a bit like you!) and Troy's huge family. What a blessing for the girls to be surrounded by so many people who love them.