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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tea Parties

Yesterday, I was invited to a Christmas Tea.  Such a fun afternoon!  Great food, great company, festive decor'.

The top layer was desserts... A coconut date cake, a pecan cream cheese bar, and a German Chocolate bundt cake.

Sandwiches were on the second layer.  Cucumber w/ cream cheese, avocado, tomato and walnut...and ham salad and pineapple.......yummy.

 The bottom favorite........was strawberry and white choc. scones, and some cheese wafers.  I LOVE the scones!!!  I might have been a slight pig in the scone area......
The lovely group of ladies that I'm honored to call my friends, and sisters in Christ.  Our sweet hostess is the beautiful lady on the front left in the photo.  Thank you Rhonda!  From left to right is Marla, Fran, Opal, Myself.  This group made the 50 mile trek to Hays...every Monday night...... for Weight watchers for about 3 years.

 Cousins Evie and Kaci bought these fun head bands for the girls at a craft bazaar.  They loved them.

 Today, it was the girls' turn to go to the tea party!  Rhonda always has her granddaughters the day after she has the ladies, just for fun, and to help clean up the left overs.  This year she included my little girls.  This was their very first tea party.........I'm not sure they really had any idea what a tea party was......but it included tea.....which they like (although they drink it iced)  and anything that includes the word party sounds like a good time.  This was what they looked like before leaving for school......I had them tea party ready because they get home at 3:53, and we were supposed to be at the tea party at 4:00.  Then I looked at the lunch menu......OF is sloppy joes!!  Oh good grief.....what are our chances of staying clean??  I gave them both instructions to "push up your sleeves, and lean over your plate!"  I signed, and pantomimed to Wren.  They both actually did pretty well!  I

 This was after school.  They were running to the car.  SO excited :)

 Jumping up and down waiting for mom to get there.

 The first thing Iley says after hello's and introductions......."where's the toys?"

 I'm not sure that one on the right is quite sophisticated enough to be at a tea party!

Such beautiful young ladies!  3 fair beauties, and 3 Asian ones.

Although the hostess didn't seem one bit worried about you see the amount of breakable objects surrounding my 'less than graceful' offspring????  Just a tad bit nerve racking at times!

I'm picturing Wren tipping her chair backwards into the shelves of glass behind her..........

 Or Iley......a stand with unprotected china teapots to her right.....a whole buffet of china next to that........ 

 The older girls were very sweet to help my littles.  Such a sweet group of girlies!

Two beautiful China daughters.

Wren ate 3 of the tomato and avocado sandwiches, and maybe 2 turkey ones!  She ate one piece of cake, and didn't touch the scones or anything else.

 They both loved the tea.....with a spoonful of sugar in it. Ricky, if you are reading this.....your girls have the cutest noses! And gorgeous complexions!

Thanks again Rhonda for your labor of love for theses precious girls!........And thank you Lord that we left her house in one piece!  A modern day miracle for sure ;) !!

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