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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, December 9, 2013

Just Stuff

I've been slacking in the blog department.......I've been working more....which means I have less time to take pictures, or blog about it........and we've just been pretty  boring lately.   Sunday we had all our kids for lunch.  Plus Micah and Carrie....our other kids ;)  Micah was trying some of the salsa that Thatcher bought that had ghost peppers in it.........seriously hot I'm told.  They were all standing around to see if he was going to choke.....probably just a little hopeful if they're honest!  You eye watering, mouth fanning, guzzling water, hhhhhhaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwt kind of reaction.  He didn't.  He was smart cautious, and just barely dipped his chip.

Here I think they are discussing the fact that it didn't have any was just HOT.

And the Cricket......was pleased with her sock hands. MULTIPLE trips to the restroom.....followed by hand washing.....has her poor little hands in a pitifully chapped state.  She is greased, and mitten-ed for the night.  Hopefully it will help the healing.

The girls are both doing so well at school.  I'm so pleased with their progress.  Iley brings home a math sheet each night to work on......(which definitely won't be her strongest subject)  I about make us both crazy trying to get her to understand it.  Then I do flash cards with both of them.  Iley LOVES to do homework.....I have to bribe or threaten Wren to do it.  Iley can fly through her site words, and color words, and Wren has all but black, blue, and brown down on the colors.  On the eight sight words, Wren only gets hung up on like and  "and"  Iley knows them long as they are on the blue paper.  I held up one of the same words, hand written on white paper, and she had no idea????  I need an icon with head banging motions here that says arrrrgh!

A little update on Wren.  She is trying to sound out a LOT of words.  If you just say one word, she almost always tries to say it now! She isn't "understandable" yet, but you can tell she's really trying.  I was saying brOWn when doing her flash cards, and she definitely has the OW sound down.  She can say B B now we just have to tie some sounds together.  She says I lub bub, for I love you.  She says ome for home.  She says Iiii eee for Iley.  and tries so much more.  She's even starting to put her hand in front of my mouth, or on my throat to see how I'm making the sound. :):):):)  YAY!!  Her wanting it, will be MORE than half the battle!  One of the substitute interpreters that worked with her earlier in the year, was back last week and said she was way ahead of where she was last time she subbed.  She's also doing better with her frustration coping, and is able to turn her day around faster.  She does really well interacting with the other kids.  A note home today said "Wren is doing great!  She is reading from the same books as the other kids."  YOU GO WREN!!!!!!  Beauty from Ashes :)  I love it :) 


  1. I just happened upon your blog but don't have time to read very far back to see if u already said something about this. If u have justdelete my message. I have a neice with irenes syndrome. She can only read works or comprehend math if it is on blue paper, white paper jumbles everything up in her mind. I also had a student with irene's syndrome, she had a blue transparency she had to put over every page before shecould read it. Your girls are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Cara! I've never heard of this! How interesting. If it persists, I will definitely check into it. At this point I think it's just learning to see the same letters in print and hand written, and realize they are the same. We adopted both girls at the age of 5. They have been home since May of 2012. A little over a year and a half. Wren is completely deaf, and has had cochlear implants for just over a year now.

  3. This is SO incredible! (hot sauce too :-) ) We really enjoy watching/reading the girls' progress.

    Here's a fascinating video to watch:

    Phil & Nancy

    1. Thanks for the video! I've actually seen it a while back, but watched it again :) I may try this with her again. The first time I tried it she didn't want to put her hand on my mouth.