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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

They aren't quite as exciting as they were 25 years or so ago.......but I'm thankful for another one.  It was a good one!  My family is all well and healthy, I've got a precious grand baby on the way, our house is warm, I didn't have to work, Troy was still home.......I stayed in my P.J's allllllllllllllllll day!  Then at supper time  My sweet kids called and wondered if I wanted to go out to mean as in... not cook supper......let me think about it......SAID NO MOTHER EVER!!!!

 Me and My main squeeze........wait that sounds like I have other squeezes, and this is just my main one!  Let me rephrase that......Me and the Love of my Life :)  So thankful I get to do life with him.

 This one is tired of the paparazzi shots........he was NOT cooperating at all!  I told him I was going to snap away until he looked normal, and I was going to put them ALL on the blog.  So don't feel sorry for him!

 The girls kept begging to play this pinball game.  Dad finally gave them some money.....only to find out it was broke.

This is Wren, but Iley informed us she played 8 games of pac man..........I think she watched the screen do its thing ...8 times....while she jiggled the stick.

 My handsome.....goofy......boys.

My beautiful daughters.

 I think she may have pinched him under the arm and told him to smile right!

We were missing Thatcher tonight :(  He is in Ohio at a friends wedding. 

It's been so fun to have girls in the house.  Iley walks in the bathroom while I'm getting ready and says "Where we going?"  They instantly know when I've changed my clothes and want to know why.  I told her......then Wren walks in and points to my clothes with eyebrows raised in question and goes "aaaaaaahhhh???"  So I signed to her that it was Mommy's birthday, and we were going out to eat supper with Ash and Ella and Kyndall, and the whole list of other names.  Then Iley says "Mommy you look so Cuuuute!"  "I like your shirt .....and your scarf,..... and your boots........and your panties"  ?????????  now where did that come from???  I was totally dressed and she couldn't see my undergarments!  Wren walks in and smiles and waves her hands at my whole ensemble and kisses my scarf........with out a word she conveyed the same message :)  So sweet.  Actually, to give them credit, my boys both told me I looked nice too.  And as he stands here reading over my shoulder....Troy realized he didn't tell me I looked beautiful. .....His excuse......."I'm so used to it that I forgot to say anything."  Then he adds.......because he's been married too long for that excuse to fly........."but you still want to hear it don't you?"  YES!!  Every. single. time.    Take notes men.


  1. What a sweet sweet family you have. :) And you DID look beautiful as always. :) So nice of them to take you out to eat. Sounds like a very relaxing day today. You deserved it. Praying for a wonderful year ahead for you. Love you.

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had such a nice day! Wren and Iley have grown up so much over the last few months! They seem to have a big girl look! I love how they have grown.

    Again, Happy Birthday dear friend!

  3. Happy belated birthday! I'm thankful that Ash has Ella to straighten him out!! LOL

  4. Happy Birthday Judy! (2 days late) I love the pics of you and Troy! Since you are the main picture taker... we don't get to see you as often. You are beautiful !!! I wouldn't be a little prejudiced would I ???? Love you bunches! See you in a couple weeks!

    A. Bev

  5. Happy late Birthday, Judy! I love the pics as always! You are beautiful inside and out!
    <3, Marce