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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Family Fun Night

Our local small town put on a fun family night for everyone.  Free chili and cinnamon rolls, and games for the kids and PRIZES!  Ash and Ella volunteered to take the kids.  They invited me too.........but an empty quiet house was a little too tempting.  So I don't know a lot about these pictures, but from what I gathered, you played games at all the stations, and got an X on your name tag at each game.  At the end if your tag was filled up, you got a prize........  I think all the kids got a prize regardless, but it kept them involved longer. 

Signing up....or in?

Iley's teacher has been spotted!

 Oh, I forgot!  They also had Horse and Wagon rides.  Iley LOVED this.  They finally had to make her stop because everyone was so cold!  Wren liked that she could hear the bells on the horses' harness.

 I would say most of the town turned out for it!

Someone may have had a slight melt down at this point when her equipment got tangled in her name tag :( 

 look like you are starting to get a headache from the noise and chaos!

 And last.......but NOT me.......NOT least........they got a PRIZE!!!  They picked them out.

Thanks Ash and Ella!  The down side to them taking my kids for the evening........they have informed me NOT to expect any offspring from them for a LOOOONG time.

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  1. Ash and Ella were so sweet to give you a night off and take the girls to the town party! It looks like they had a blast! I hope you enjoyed your night alone!