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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Thatcher

 Happy 22nd Birthday!!!  We LOVE YOU!

He came into the world looking worried. He had reason ya know.  I wish I could post the picture of Ash holding Thatcher, grinning angelically, while Thatcher had his little hands all clenched with a look of fear!    His 2 yr old brother  about loved him to death some days.  When Thatch was 2 weeks old,  I had laid him on the floor in the living room to run do something, and when I came back Ash was sitting, straddling him like he was riding a horse!  I have a picture of Ash pushing him in the baby swing....Thatch was about 2 months old maybe.....Ash is grinning delightedly, and Thatcher has a pain like grimace on his face :)  I wish I had a scanner because I have some of the cutest pictures of them both.  He finally out grew his big brother, and is not in the least worried about him now :)

           He was Always my child that said "I'm going to mawwy you mommy"   He was and still is my most affectionate one.  He was never afraid to give us a bear hug.....even at school in the middle of his friends.  I used to drag him antique shopping with me, and he'd charm all the old ladies in the shops with his big eyes and grin....and 20 questions.   He was.......and still is sometimes..........the one that stirred the pot.  No one was allowed to get very comfortable.  No chance of anyone sticking to the sides with this guy around.  He is charming and sweet, and could strike up a conversation with a fence post if the fence post had some information he needed or thought was interesting!  He has definitely added some spice to our lives.  He has a big heart, and is a sweetie.  We Love you so much Thatcher!!!!  We are blessed to be your Parents, and are so thankful that God chose our family to place you in.

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