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Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Grace

Our niece, Grace turned 8 and had a birthday party.  Her request, instead of cake......home made doughnuts.  YUM!!  Her mother is a better woman than me!  She also wanted crackers and cheese, and soft pretzels.  Her mom thought maybe that was a little heavy on the carbs.........ya think?  Naaaawww :)  She had little smokies, crackers and cheese, veggies and dip, pickles, and doughnuts.   Wren ate about 12 little smokies,  Iley had only 5, but ate 2 whole doughnuts......Wren didn't touch the doughnuts, or the crackers.  Pretty typical.

The tempting tower that I sat right in front of all night!!

 The Birthday Girl :)

Big sis Evie, was in charge of the doughnut least when I saw her.

Grandpa and Grandma D.

 Check out the look Wren is giving Hans here!

Lucy wasn't thrilled about being in the picture, but I was trying to get the two little spatter's behind her.....Hans wanted Wren to hand the present to him, to hand to Grace.  Wren wasn't about to let go of it.  SHE wanted to hand it to Grace herself!........thank you very much.  She was giving him the evil eye!!

 Mission accomplished.  Heading back to get another gift.

Sherman was hiding from the camera.

 Iley wore this pajama shirt of Grace's all evening.  She found it and liked it, and promptly put it on.  We assured Grace that she wouldn't wear it home.

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  1. Thank You, thank you!! Looks like we missed out...again! Love you all!