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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, November 3, 2013

 Inspired? Crazy? Creative? Weird?  a little of each?...........with a little help form their brother Mr. Mess......they came up with this lovely idea. one got dumped!

 Sunday I let them wear the dresses from Thatcher and Kyndahl's wedding, to church.  They are almost to small for them, and I figured it would be the last time they wore them.  They had so much fun......there is nothing quite so satisfying as a dress that twirls!  They spent the day spinning around and around.  An added bonus for Iley................"Moooooom  I'm done!".......Wipe your self, says Mom.........I can't says Iley.......My hands are full!  She was trying to keep all her skirt tails out of the toilet!

 It was crazy windy, but that didn't stop them.

 Be afraid little very afraid!

Today, the naked dolls got a ride........they only tipped once....that I saw.

 I had to make some scotcheroos for a  Pizza Party for Sherman's football team........Wren (who goes with anyone going) had left with Troy and the boys to run some friends home, and Miss Homebody stayed with mom. She promptly pulled her stool up where I was mixing, and asked every 2 minutes if she could lick the spatula yet.  When she finally got it, she licked it so clean, I could have put it back in the drawer with no one the wiser!!  She is a little sugar fiend!

Sherman was filling us in tonight on all the things that he likes about school.....the things he doesn't.....the teachers he likes........the ones he thinks are strange, or dress weird, or normal,  the funny thing is, he was dead on.......I was laughing so hard....... He's one of those kids that you would never suspect of having  this much insight!........Gwen.....oh how I wished for you!!!!.  If they only knew what this quiet mild mannered kid was thinking!!  I said "Sherman, you didn't say that to them did you?!"  He says "Mom, I'm not that stupid!  I don't want to get sent to the principals office!  That would just be awkward!  Well I guess that's one way to look at it.   He says he "just does not see why you have to have reading!  I mean, who cares about text structuring, it's not like I'm going to be reading along and think to my self "now THERE'S the main idea right there"  or "huh the text structure of this sentence is such and such"  Seriously, if you want to study that stuff in college, fine, but if they really wanted to teach us something, we should have spelling everyday!  I seriously stink at spelling!"  When he was all done, and I'd dried my eyes, I asked him...."I really want to know now what you REALLY think of ME!"  "Go ahead.....don't spare me!"  He says " you are totally awesome mom"  I told him "thanks, but it's really just that you are the same kind of weird as me so you don't know if I'm normal ;)" ha ha!!  I LOVE this kid!

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  1. Seriously, you have to be the best photographer! I love your photos! What a fun day with the kids! I love when I get one on one time and they are in a sharing mood! Priceless times!