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Monday, November 11, 2013

Blogging Blues

Sorry everyone for the long absence.  I haven't had a lot of material for blogging.

This is what our Saturday mornings look like.  The girls are always up waaaaay before we want to night before, we shut their door.  They are not allowed to come down until Mom or Dad open least that is the  way it's supposed to work.  It took 3 weeks of Wren getting sent back up, for her to get the concept!!  Now if it's been too long (she thinks) she opens the door.....tells Iley, "the doors open.....go on."  Then if Iley doesn't get sent back up (which she always does if one of us didn't open the door), she figures it's safe for her to come down too.  This reminds me a lot of the penguin story......push one off the cliff....if he doesn't get eaten by a shark it's safe for the others to jump in.  This girl is so smart!  Even if it doesn't work! Once we do open it, they LOVE getting in bed with us.  We can handle about 15 minutes of this before it starts to get too wild.  Then it's "everybody out of the pool!"

 I love that she is looking at her signing papers!!

And playing with all the loot that Wren hauled down the stairs, and spread the blanket for, and set up.  Once it's set up Wren is soon done.  Her favorite part is just thinking it up and hauling it around, and setting it up.

 They stuff their backpacks full of stuff and haul them around.......rarely actually getting anything out of them.

 Saturday eve. we made a run to Hays for  basket ball shoes for Sherman who decided to sign up at the 11th hour.  We had to deliver a load of molding to a customer, and make the mandatory stop at W@lly world.

 Iley insisted on wearing these green was too chilly for them...and they would NOT stay on her feet!  But some people cannot be convinced.......or at least not without more effort than I had the energy she wore them.

 .......and they kept falling off.  But OH JOY.......we ran into Calli, one of Wrens class mates, in W@lly world.  They were so excited to see each they hadn't just seen each other all week:)

Wonder of wonders.....Iley sat here and petted Tito for 5 minutes!

The girls hit the clothing jackpot this week!!!  They got a box of clothes from their Indiana friend, Anya...and a box of clothes and these cute little wash cloths and some egg chapstick from Aunt Gwen and Grandma!  They were delighted!  THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!!

Wren progress:  Today before school I told her with out signing...."Go get your coat"  I said it slow and enunciated each word, made sure the boys were quiet.....and she signed back to me with raised eyebrows in question "coat?" YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!  I know she is super smart and probably used all her environmental clues, and knew it was time for that......BUT.....she was busy doing something with her papers, and I stopped her by calling her name, made sure she was listening......and she seemed to have heard it!   Thank you Lord for progress be it ever so small.
Then today her teacher sent home a note saying that the class was all sharing something they were thankful for, and she signed with NO HELP....that she was thankful for Jesus!  Wow.  ONLY GOD.  We pray before each meal, and at bedtime......but she really doesn't have enough language for us to get the whole concept across.  I pray daily for God to give this little girl language!!  She has so much inside that little head that she wants to share, but doesn't have the tools yet to express it.  It's coming......but SO much slower than I imagined.  I know that God has a plan for this little girl.......and as crazy as she makes me some days, I'm so glad I get a front row seat to watch it.

Saturday the boys had their friends over again to do more work on their fort.  Wren always heads out the door with anyone going.  She loves to be DOING something.  When they all came back in, Harrison says "she is one tough little girl"  I said why is that........imagining that she fell off of something, or hit her head, or something of that nature.  He says "we walked all the way down to the pasture, out to the jumps (motorcycle) over to old 40, around by Uncle Gary's, and home.  She never complained once."  She's a trooper!  If they would have taken Cat Cat.......she would have started whining ......with out ceasing.....about half way through......and had to potty at least twice.  But no worries......she had no desire to go.  She was quite content by the fireside, licking her paws just dink donking around with her puzzles, and toys, and pencil and paper.  Wren would have had the living room rearranged and the entire contents of the toy box relocated in the same amount of time.

  Iley loves to sit on your lap and  talk and connect with words, and be silly.....Wren would rather just hug the stuffing out of you and move on to the action.  They usually get along pretty well.  Iley's biggest complaint.."Wren not listening to ME"  Wren's biggest complaint......."Iley won't come play with me" 

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  1. I just love the way you dress the girls! They are always so cute! What a great report on Wren! She has really grown, she looks so big in the pink P.J.'s looking at her signing papers!

    I have a whiner and frankly it gets on my last nerve! She is sweet but loves to whine!

    Thanks for your prayers, going back to work on top of everything else has been hard, along with the lack of funds d/t being out of work too long! Oh well, I will catch up and God has been faithful to provide! One day at a time!
    I need to send you an email.

    Love you my sweet friend and it is always refreshing to see your family in photos!