Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, November 25, 2013

New Boots

Happily posing in their new boots.

Watching a signing time video.

 I think the sign here is Grandma and Grandpa.

 Still wearing the new boots.

Etch a Sketch with your breakfast anyone?

 You run that side, I'll run this side.......not sure how that picture turned out.

 Saturday they played together all day....  like angels......well like angels with their halo's just a little askew....  Wren ....of course......tied a string between the door knob on the dresser, to the one on the door.....which led to a blanket hanging over it......which made a nice fort behind it......which led to............
 more blankets....of course.......and much screeching.....just because.  Ahhhhhh there's Mom, let's hide......etc.

 Nothing as much fun as a surgical glove full of water that has sprung a leak.

We have had so many good reports home on Wren lately!  She is doing so well, and learning new things everyday.  One of the ladies from the Service Center, came by to see how she was doing.  She hadn't been there for a month, and couldn't believe how well Wren was doing, and how much she had improved :)   She is sounding out her vowel sounds, and tries to say all of her abc's when she is signing them.  She is sign reading simple books.  This girl is going places :) :)  Thank you God!!  It has seemed slow, and sometimes extremely difficult for her......and her mama and teacher......but we are making progress!!

I worked at the school for the last 2 weeks as a substitute helper in several classrooms.  I heard from her teachers more than once....." I have to tell you what Iley said, or did"  She has come out of her shy little shell this year for sure!  One day she was HOOOOOTTTT.......i'm hooooot, i'm hooooot........i'm still hot.....her teachers, being well versed in her ability to moan at length, knew there would be no progress unless she was cooled off.  Iley insisted that she had another shirt under her dress, so the teachers let her take her dress off.......then they realized it was a little sleeveless undershirt.  So she ran around her classroom, happy as a clam......and cool as a cucumber in her little undershirt and leggings.  Her teacher did make her put her dress back on to go out in the hall way, and to lunch.   

Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Grace

Our niece, Grace turned 8 and had a birthday party.  Her request, instead of cake......home made doughnuts.  YUM!!  Her mother is a better woman than me!  She also wanted crackers and cheese, and soft pretzels.  Her mom thought maybe that was a little heavy on the carbs.........ya think?  Naaaawww :)  She had little smokies, crackers and cheese, veggies and dip, pickles, and doughnuts.   Wren ate about 12 little smokies,  Iley had only 5, but ate 2 whole doughnuts......Wren didn't touch the doughnuts, or the crackers.  Pretty typical.

The tempting tower that I sat right in front of all night!!

 The Birthday Girl :)

Big sis Evie, was in charge of the doughnut least when I saw her.

Grandpa and Grandma D.

 Check out the look Wren is giving Hans here!

Lucy wasn't thrilled about being in the picture, but I was trying to get the two little spatter's behind her.....Hans wanted Wren to hand the present to him, to hand to Grace.  Wren wasn't about to let go of it.  SHE wanted to hand it to Grace herself!........thank you very much.  She was giving him the evil eye!!

 Mission accomplished.  Heading back to get another gift.

Sherman was hiding from the camera.

 Iley wore this pajama shirt of Grace's all evening.  She found it and liked it, and promptly put it on.  We assured Grace that she wouldn't wear it home.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet, Sat on her tuffet.......

Harrison was snapping pictures for some reason this morning.  I was putting pig tails in Iley's hair.

Wren was done and lying on the chair waiting on her breakfast.  NOT normal.  She had a rough patch at school today :(  Hoping she isn't coming down with something.

 Iley ended up a little red today!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Say Cheese!

Seriously Cheesy!  Ok Aunt's your required picture.  They loved their new duds, and they LOVED the chapstick eggs! and washcloths!  I think Wren took hers to school for sharing today!  I can't imagine all the strange household items and toys that must get shared regularly! LOL.  I wish they'd slow down on the growing now though :(  I didn't get to have them when they were it would suit me fine if they would stay little a while longer.

This was Iley's request for her hair style today.

My sorry attempt at corn rows!  In my victim was extremely wiggly, and kept dropping her chapstick egg......

 Iley wanted a picture of the top of her head too.  ??

 This is the way they watch the ipad.......mere inches from the screen......huddled together like a couple of small gnomes.  I can never decide if Iley's eyes are worse than we think....or not as bad.  She wants to watch anything on the screen this close up......but she can find a hair in the bath water, or a tiny gnat that  has dropped in, without her glasses on??