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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, October 14, 2013

Parade and Pumpkin Patch

We will get to the parade......and the pumpkin patch.....but you might want to grab your coffee, and use the restroom if you plan to stay with us to the end......It was a long boring week.......and the pics are random, and mostly of the two events mentioned above.

Everyone loves a Bubble wrap stomp!  Wren signed "hear" and delightedly stomped.

Removing her socks for better toe maneuvering.

Good to the last bubble!

I put Iley's dress on first, and then pulled it up like this to put her leggings on.  She was standing in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom.  She says "I look like a football player!"

Friday morning Sherman got up at 6:30 just so he could cook breakfast.  This boy loves to cook.  He made sausage patties, scrambled eggs and toast.  Iley's got her glasses down on her nose until the fog clears.  Every morning when we put them on the steam up?  She must run hotter than most people or something.

Our little carnivore polished off all of her sausage.......eyed Iley's to see if she was going to eat it....tried to 'talk' her out of it.......gave up and ate her eggs.  But she never did touch the toast....she gave it the hand.

This was our towns Homecoming Parade.
Our niece Evie on the left, and a friend.

 Can you tell the wind was blowing fiercely!?

 All the kids lined up waiting patiently for the candy parade to start. Iley and "my Cade" as she calls him.

Wren's sub teacher Ms. Brandy.

So very lady like hmm?

Our niece Grace does NOT like the band.  The sudden loud blast from the instruments just unnerve her!  She held on tight to her mom's hand while waiting, then covered her ears till the band was done

Waiting anxiously.

 Her little brother Hans was not phased a bit!

After the parade goes by, everyone gathers in the middle of Main Street for the Pep Rally.

Here's a "where's Waldo" picture for you.  Can anyone find my "subjects"?

Sherm Sherm

Of all the kids......WREN gets picked to be a partner in one of the games they played.  Which she LOVED!  I'm standing there talking to someone, and all of a sudden it hits me......she's not going to have a clue what she's supposed to do!!!  I run out to the middle and quickly sign to her that she is suppose to find 5 worms.  The teacher will find 5 first, then she has to find 5.  I show her a worm so she knows what she's looking for.....  She smiles and nods ok......delighted to be part of the excitement.  So the teacher dives in face first because she has to find the gummy worms in the tray of spaghetti .....with her mouth.

Then it's Wren's turn!  She promptly dives in........face first too.........OOPS I forgot to tell her that she was supposed to find them with her hands!  She was game for what ever!  I think they actually won :)  I don't think she understood what it was all about, but she had fun.

Then on Sunday after church, we went to the Pumpkin Patch.  Our first stop was the donkey, and llama pen.  Iley stopped JUST in time when I screeched at her to WATCH WHERE YOU ARE WALKING!!! She thought it was quite hilarious!

Then we went through the barn to the goat pen.  The girls weren't too sure about entering the dark barn.

The lady at the patch was trying to convince Iley that the goat was nice, and that she could pet it.
She says "MOMMY I TOUCHED IT!"  This is quite an accomplishment!  She wants to so bad, but then the animal always looks at her, and she chickens out!

This guy was way more interested in nibbling on Harrison's shoes!

Then they road the barrel train.

And.......much to the drivers dismay.....honked the horns the ENTIRE time!

Poor guy!  He said he hears them in his sleep.....and the crazy things never break!

Then they dug for treasure in the corn.

.......and went down the slide.  The slide, for our kids, is the main attraction. They neither one hesitated this year!  They both climbed the hill like a pro, plopped down and away they went!

These three little guys were crazy!  they were having a ball.

Back on the train for one more ride......I think they took it easier on the driver this time cause they were busy eating candy sticks.

Iley wasn't happy about something.  Sherman probably touched her or something.

But then Wren gave Iley her candy stick and Iley was all smiles again!  She can polish off candy faster than the easter bunny!

Ok sis.......thanks for the candy and all........but you are choking me!

But she just loves her little sister so much!

Sunday evening we made a run to Hays for a few needed things.

Iley was trying to strap herself in the cart around her legs??

Troy had to deliver doors to a customer so dropped us off at the store to start our shopping.  When he came strolling up to us in Sherman's hat, the girls almost didn't recognize him for a minute.  Then they laughed and thought it was funny.

Iley finally got her candy this afternoon!  Sherman had bought it for her last night, and she couldn't eat it until after lunch today.  She takes her candy eating very seriously!  She sorted it all by color, made a circle with it...and thoroughly enjoyed every bite!  Wren ate part of a beef stick!

Wren update:  She is trying to put sounds together.  She is trying so hard to say names.  she said eh..lah (Ella) and ah..shh (Ash) You could actually tell what she was saying :)  I'm pretty sure she is trying to say Iley's name a lot of the time when she's hollering for her, and she says muuum (mom) She loves that she can tell people "I lub" (I love you)  She says it to me at least 15 times a day.  She is working hard at school with her letters and her speech sounds too. Exciting stuff going on! 

Iley is her usual silly self.  Her latest thing is to imitate everything anyone is saying.  Problem is she amuses herself so much that she goes into fits of giggling and can only repeat every 5th word or so.  Especially if it is annoying her victim!  She's a BRAT!


  1. I just love your updates and photos! What fun your girls must be! I loved reading that Wren is making words that you can understand, what progress! Words that she would never have had had her forever family not found her.

    Iley reminds me of one of mine, she to pouts when something hasn't gone her way! Thankfully, like Iley these moments don't usually last too long!

    I love seeing all the boys with their sisters! So sweet!