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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, October 6, 2013

On My Front Porch

No special reason.....just because they all looked so cute dressed up for church.  The boys were not usual.  I'm not sure what Wren's expression was all about.....unless she was just half was windy, and  chilly, but they were good sports.  Of course as normal we couldn't get a good picture of everyone in the same shot!
 I LOVE this one of Sherman......and Iley looks pretty natural too....Harrisons eyes are half shut, but it's not bad of him....Wren looks like she's snarling at us!

 I love this one of both the boys :)
 This one is good of all but Wren.....she gets one expression and freezes with it!  Which is great if it's a good expression........but..

Wren's finally starting to warm up....and I've lost the rest of em.

 I kinda like this one.

Oh well .......never mind.

 Thatcher had the camera again!

 He took this and said that's actually a good one mom, you look like you are happy and enjoying life...I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not??......Do I normally NOT look like I'm enjoying life.....or is it just a good picture in his eyes?  I rarely like pictures of myself....I can pick them apart and find a dozen reasons not to put them on....but I do now and then for my they know their mother was present in their lives.....and for my family far away.

 Thatch took this one of Troy too....I really like it!  HE looks like he's happy and enjoying life:)....and NO he doesn't always.....he has lots of stress, and this is a genuine smile.  LOVE it.

Ash took over the camera at this point and took several pics of his lovely wife....she takes photographs and she critiqued his pictures, gave him some tips, and told him to try again.  These were his second attempt, and much improved from what I overheard.

In the evening we had to walk out and check on progress on "the fort".  Iley didn't want to walk out to the pasture.....she wanted to walk around the shop.  I told her "no it's boring.  There's nothing to look at."  To which she replied....with MUCH attitude "It's looong and long and boring and just nothing out to the pasture"  We told her she could sit and wait on us to come back, or she could walk with us.  She wasn't too pleased with her options.

The Fort

 That top knot of Wrens had a life of it's own tonight!

Throwing empty shotgun shells into the water.

Driving the combine....always a favorite pastime.  When they aren't fussing over who is going to drive.

You steer, I'll run the foot pedals.

She picked up this piece of metal to shield her eyes from the sun.

They're making progress!  I think they finished up this wall today.  Now they just need a roof.

 Wren graciously provided "music" for them while they worked.  I'm SURE they were appreciative!

She picked up these two sticks and was "playing her violin" She would hold it like this and play, and then tilt it up and play, and lean down and play.......she doesn't miss any visual detail!  So funny.

 If they played with as much talent as enthusiasm.......we would have to get them their own show!

 Iley is doing so much better with her language, she usually gets her point across....even if it's not quite how most of us say it.......sometimes we still turn off the dark, instead of turn on the lights.  This morning I had her standing on a stool to lotion her, and she says "I want to sit down!"  I said "why?"  She says "Cause my stand is TIRED!"  Boy do I sympathize....sometimes my stand gets tired too! She amuses me no end!


  1. I love the porch photos! What a great wonderful family! The fort is impressive!

  2. The pictures on the porch are so good. Such a nice looking bunch. Thatcher did a good job of taking a pic of his parents. :) Mr. Brown does look happy and enjoying life. :) The fort is coming along nice. What a fun thing for them to be doing together. They will probably enjoy lots of hours in it once its done. And maybe even let the girls in once in a while. :) What a fun thing to do to show what gender the baby is going to be. How exciting for you grandpa and grandma. Seems so funny saying that. Love your dear family. Everyone of them.