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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Life in the Not So Fast Lane

Kyndahl and Thatch came over.......and Sherman relentlessly pestered asked them to play UNO with him.

Doesn't Thatch look thrilled :)  The spectators were very interested.

 Reading books with Dad.

He did some unexpected noise and cracked Iley up!  She says "hey!" and elbow chops him!  Wren is already moving on to the next page.  She really prefers to look at the books herself so she can turn them at her own speed.

Wren.....has struck again.  Not a string this time........but why?  She just saw the possibility I guess.  Her imagination never ceases to amaze, and at times annoy me :)

 Roller Skating.....sort of.  They aren't brave enough to venture on to the hard wood yet.

 I have no idea why they wouldn't try the hardwood??

 Wren's imagination again :)  I look in to check the water level on the floor......and see this...who knew a bubble wand could be so versatile!

 Lip gloss.........

Rub it in good........

a little blush for your cheeks........

Wren is starting to say her name :)  it sounds more like Wen, or yen.....but she is definitely trying!  We are seeing so much less frustration induced fits of defiance as she learns more and more sign, or speech.  She is interacting and participating more at school as well.  Answered prayer!! Thank you Lord. 

We were watching something suspenseful on the computer and Kyndahl who was standing beside Iley said
"That makes my tummy hurt!"  Iley looks at her and matter of factly tells her "Go in there then" pointing to the other room. :)  Like go somewhere else if you don't like it.  Some times she picks up a little too much attitude from her older brothers......I'm SURE she never heard her mother say something like that ;)

At bed time the other night we were talking about going to heaven to live with Jesus some day.  Iley in a very worried tone says "I don't want to live with Jesus, I want to stay here with you!"  So I said "maybe someday we will visit Jesus together."  She was fine with that.  Tonight while putting her to bed, she says  "We will climb, and climb and CLIMB..(she's making motions like climbing a rope) up and up and up"......I asked her (because I had completely forgotten the prior conversation) "Who is climbing with you and where are you going?"  She is like duh mom "you and me, we are going to see Jesus at his house up in the sky.  We will eat luuuunch with him, and play with his toooys n ever thing"  I said "well that sounds like fun huh! I bet he has the BEST toys ever!  He made all the people and animals and trees....I bet he made the best toys too!" "YEAH!" she was pumped!  Now lets hope she doesn't ask how we get there!!  These conversations ALWAYS happen at bedtime when you are aching to get to your own bed.  But you just STOP everything and enjoy the moment.  The whole time from the other bed Wren is saying "I lub"  I lub" (I love you)  wanting in on the conversation too.  Her Jesus knowledge is going to be extra hugs and I love you's for now. She just doesn't have a grasp of language enough yet, or the attention span, to try to explain it.  It is a frightening thought that her religion is coming from ....Our actions.........not what we say..........and she is a VERY observant little soul.  If she gains a love of God from that.........God is merciful indeed, and the Holy Spirit is working overtime! 


  1. I commented on the bubble wand photos on FB, too cute! Oh how I love that Iley wants to visit Heaven with you! Journey is making comments that allows me to know that she is beginning to understand . . . she's just not there . . . definitely getting closer!

    I love that you family is so close and always doing things together. It reminds me when I lived in Dothan. I miss those family times!

  2. Love our kids :) and hubby! Isn't Wren a hoot! She has more imagination that inspector gadget!