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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is it a Boy? or a Girl?

Troy and I, and Kyndahls Mom, Suzy all knew what this little babe was going to be as soon as they had the ultra sound done, but the Aunts and Uncles didn't.  Instead of just telling them, Kyndahl made gender specific cupcakes.......didn't you all know there are boy cupcakes and girl cupcakes??.......If you took off the wrapper, and the cake is's a boy......if it's pink......a girl is on the way.  We came in to a cute little table all set and ready for the big reveal.

 The proud daddy, and the happy grandpa........doesn't seem possible!  Didn't we just have this boy ourselves?? (Troy is sitting on a table....Thatch isn't that much taller )

Wren wanted a picture with Daddy too!

Everybody ready??

.......Go..........'s BLUE!

 It's going to be a little boy:) We love little boys!.......and girls!  Just praying for a safe journey, and  delivery for the momma and the baby.

Wren licked off all her icing.........and then didn't want the cake:(

 The sugar queen ate her whole cupcake, icing and all.  Pardon our stringy hair!  We came straight from Sherman's game, and it was WINDY!!  

 Uncle Ash and Auntie El. (with an English accent please)

 The cute Mamma and Pappa.

Dad had his hands full on the end of the table.  Look.....Iley polished off her cupcake in record time!

 El thought this was a little close for a picture......she was seeing spots for several minutes after the flash hit her!  Sorry El.

The next bunch of pictures are random shots from throughout the week.

They always ride bikes or scooters or rip sticks while waiting on the bus.

The bus is coming! Park your bikes!

 Headed out to see the progress on the fort.  Iley thought she needed gloves for some reason?

This girl has enough 'tude' for two!

Cool cloud and gorgeous fall sky

They are making progress!  They even have a window!

Door posts are set.

 I think the girls think it might be a play house for them...........I haven't seen one yet....but there may be a no girls allowed sign going up.

 I know Gwen, I know! The glasses are an issue! :(  Not sure what to do about them!  I've tried bending the ear pieces more, adjusting the nose pieces......she just has no nose to keep them up....??

 Taking time to pick some flowers.....or at least try......she couldn't get them pulled out of the hard ground!

 Harrison was chasing Iley.  Sherman is like "you better hope she doesn't stop quick!  You don't have any brakes." 

 Running to be the first in line to get on the bus.

Look at Ms. Bossy holding out her hand to stop the boys!

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  1. Congratulations on the new little grandson...praying to for mama and baby as time for delivery draws near.