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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm Chinese

The yearly groan from Mom........what to dress them up as for their Halloween party at school.  Last year, I really don't remember what they did :(  Maybe the same thing.??  Anyway, this year they were "Chinese"......oh wait......that's not really dressing up is it!  I heard from Iley's teacher that she bounded into the room and announced to everyone that "I'm Chinese!"  They thought it was hilarious.

Reading while Mom fixes breakfast.  Iley was also waiting on me to sew some of the fasteners back on her shirt.
 This is what their hair looked like before school...........

And this is the sorry state it was in after 2 recess's and a party!

.........and the favorite party favor from their school party..........this!!

Only Iley got them........but Wren wasn't a bit shy about sharing spit!

Baby Bump progress.......23 weeks :)  Baby D. is due late February.

Which one is actually pregnant here?



  1. Good morning!....Had to comment on the Halloween costumes....very creative...:)...cracked up about Iley saying "I'm Chinese!"....too funny!....also please tell me Wren didn't wear those shoes school with her outfit!...althought they do kinda go with it! active as she is, it's a wonder she doesn't break a leg in those things...:)....and tell Thatcher that I truly do not want to keep seeing the progress of his baby-bump...:)....but I do want to see his handsome face!....tell Kyn that she looks adorable and give ALL our love....can't wait to see everyone at Thanksgiving, Lord willing!...:)


  2. Rest assured that she did NOT wear the shoes to school. They did wear their out fits to school, and most didn't. So I wanted them to feel like they were getting ready with the rest, so put a pair of fancy shoes in their backpacks just for the party. She DID wear them home! Not sure how she managed to get off the bus without killing herself ;) I will pass the info on to Thatcher :) and Kyn. We can't wait to see YOU all either!!! Much love back at ya!!!