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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, October 21, 2013

He made me a mother.

Happy Belated 24th Birthday to this sweet Boy!  We love him like crazy this first born of ours.  He has been a blessing and a delight to raise.....once we survived his toddler days.  His high energy landed him in trouble so many times.  It was usually not premeditated, just an exuberance of energy.  He would come home from a grueling two hours of foot ball practice and still be bouncing around like an energizer bunny.  But his cheerful and sunny disposition, and his willingness to help do about anything, made him a pleasure to be around.  He was friendly to all, but only had a few close friends. He has become a wonderful husband and a man of God.  We Love you Ash and are so glad that God placed you in our crazy household :) Hope you had a happy Birthday.

This was at his wedding in Feb.

The energizer bunny!

Ella (his wife) invited some friends over to Thatcher and Kyndahls house for his Birthday. (their apt. is too small for more than a couple of extra's)

They're so cute :)


Harrison and his friend Gordon. Sherman was at a friends birthday party.

 Kyndahl and her mom Suzy, who was here for a visit.

 Thatcher was expounding about something, and Ash was listening.  I get amused at all their expressions :)

 These four got bored with our adult conversation so they were watching finding Nemo on Kyn and Thatch's bed.

Carrie, on the left, is married to Micah who is on the far right.  Her brother Isaac is in the middle.

The brothers in law.

 The hosts......aren't they cute :)

I had braided their hair like this for school, but by the time they got home it was looking pretty rough.  

 So we took it down...........and leaving it this way was NOT an option, and we didn't have time to wash it, so it had to go back up.  The first time around, they thought it was great.........until I got to those little bottom hairs.......then you'd a thought I was scalping them!  Seriously, I've never seen or heard such carrying on.  The thought of going through it again about had them in tears before we started the second round.

 But they were rather pleased with the results, and had one of their chummy sister moments over it.

Prepare yourself Gwen!  The next several pics will drive you crazy!  Wren's glasses are down on her nose again:(  I didn't notice until I looked at the pictures.  I try, really I do she just has NO nose bridge!

Wren did this hand sign unprompted!  It has been a while since she's done the victory, or peace thingy that we saw in every picture sent before adoption.  I thought we were past it, and here it showed up out of the blue.

Iley to Sherman~ "What's your problem?"

Wren is doing so much better at school!!  YAY!  We are getting regular notes home now.....about how well she's doing, and what she's learning......instead of had a rough day, and what do you suggest we do.  Whew!  Thank you Lord.  She is so incredibly smart.

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