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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Having a Field Day

Ella took the girls and Sherm to the field with her one evening.  They took supper down to Ash where he was harvesting.  I'm going to let her take over with the writing, since I wasn't there.  Don't you just love the 90's.....or maybe even 80's.....coats :)  Hey they were CHEAP!  And for this kind of expedition.....we need cheap, replaceable if ruined.......problem is.....they NEVER ruin the cheap ones!

 You can't beat steak sandwiches and cheese ball in the field huh?:)   The girls were all too pleased to sit right down in the dirt and grime and snarf away!!  I think between the two of them they managed to only pick up one sticker in their jeans. I on the other hand was not so fortunate!!   ;)

 We enjoyed a beautiful sunset with the joy of our picnic and then the cold set in...Can you believe it though, Miss Cat only said "I cold"  ONE time!!  I think it is a breakthrough of some sort!  

Judy pointed out to me that in these next couple pictures they look like little Indians out on the prairie that have been dropped off to eat supper all alone! I can assure this was not the case!! I was just enchanted with the scenic view behind the two lovely subjects. :)    

 And much to my amazement the were totally content to sit and eat!  All of their sandwich went down the hatch.  The meat first and then some bread, lettuce and tomato. At one point Iley simply had an onion she was eating without anything with it! I thought sure it was going to be tasted and tossed in the garbage.(the ditch directly beside us)  But nope! It didn't even faze the lil trooper.

 The cheese ball and dip was shared with much reservedness and quite pouty faces appeared when it was gone until.... the dessert appeared!

Caramel and chocolate dipped apples!!  The loved it and were more than happy to share...
 and help...
 and help some more...

 Then she got it all to herself and the delight just shines out of her!!    Well delight until she tried to take a bite...

and then laughter! The poor girl is missing her two front teeth!!   But that did not stop her from trying! She had juice running from her mouth dripping off her chin and a mile wide grin the whole time:)

 And back to Iley for some more germ swapping. YUM!!   Much to my chagrin the apple ended up being passed to me to take bites out of and hand to them because their mouths were too small to really set in and get a chunk!   No worries though, for those of you who know me, mine was well large enough to get the job done and they cheerily ate the pieces handed them until all that was left was a core and a stick.

 And then the real fun begins!  Ash and Sherm showed up to grab some supper and load us ALL up into the grain truck with them.   I have decided the cab of a grain truck is none too large for five people. There are only two seats, the drivers, which Ash occupied, and the passenger's taken over by Sherman. The girls and I were placed on the center console and let the ADVENTURE REIGN!!

Oh did I mention.....Our driver was eating....we were driving through the field over huge irrigation ruts....the girls were finishing their apple....snagging more cheese ball from Sherm....laughing at me and squealing LOUDLY when we would go over bumps because it would jostle me into falling in between Ash's seat and console....with the tractor and grain cart unloading onto us. They thought it was great!!

 I don't know who this handsome guy with the darling sisters is, but some lady should snag him up quick before he is taken!;)    Oh wait that's right....! I already did that.  Love this guy and all he does for us!  He was a trooper welcoming all the chaos and confusion.

He loaded and unloaded multiple times when we switched machinery to ride in. Cheerfully enjoying it all the while.

 Oh don't worry all three of us girls fit in the combine with Shaun the friend who was running it. I'm not saying it was comfortable but we fit!! They were intrigued with all the grain falling into the back as they watched out the back window. But I think their overall favorite was having the tractor and grain cart pull up beside us and we would dump grain in it while we were still moving!!!! So much excitement it can barely be handled!:)

 Have you ever seen such sticky little mugs in your life?   The great thing about being the older sister and not the momma is that you just leave them sticky all the way home and leave them at the mercy of the momma who throws them in the tub when we get home!  :)

Thanks Ella!  For taking the kids for a fun outing......for leaving me with some peace and quiet......and just for loving us.


  1. Ella seems so sweet! I loved her blogging about her adventures with the girls and Sherman! You know, I so enjoy seeing the girls pictures! It was so sweet of Ella to include that girls! Truly she (Ella) is a daughter-in-love!

  2. She really is a sweetheart! So is Kyndahl! I am so BLESSED to have such lovely Godly girls loving my boys :) Love them all.