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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cookie Crew

Dalton and Sherman volunteered to bring cookies for their class Halloween party.  I'm guessing it was mostly Sherman's idea.  I KNOW it was his idea to make Iced, cut out, sugar MY kitchen....sigh......But if I say no, I'm a horrible mean mom.  It wasn't as bad as I feared, although I did give in and let the girls play games on the ipad to keep them out from underfoot.  The boys are so cute together.  I think Sherman is the tallest boy, and Dalton is the smallest.  Sherman was talking pretty much the whole time and Dalton would just chortle.  He talked now and then, but mostly he just laughed at Sherm.

 They made enough cookies for their class, then with the dough that was still left, wanted to make a giant cookie.......This is as giant as our pans would allow.

These were some I snapped of the kids before school this morning.

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  1. The boys look like they have gotten taller! The big cookie looked like a tractor or truck? Of course the girls are precious all the time!